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my new desktop. nothing snazzy just a basic background with a little winamp skin i made!

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rave flyerish, but the huge start menu kills it

Wed, Dec 19th at 05:23pm (16 years ago)
split_502 says:

i cant tell if the winamp skin is transparent or if it just matches the wallpaper really well in the particular spot.

Mon, Dec 17th at 10:17pm (16 years ago)

its been done before, just a skinning program with the part of the wallpaper as the image... still looks good though. from a distance that is, the zoom doesn't work for me either.

Mon, Dec 17th at 11:26pm (16 years ago)
penaduny says:

winamp is transparent but winamp is also his backround image. cause the text of the backround comes into winamp. he could have pretty much just cut that section out of his desktop for winamp including the text but thats kinda dumb cause if he puts it in any other place on the desktop theres gonna be a little bit of text on the side of it

Tue, Dec 18th at 01:21am (16 years ago)
waterdrop says:

is there a way to make winamp transparent in windows me...

Tue, Dec 18th at 08:46pm (16 years ago)

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Created by xplictik
on December 17th, 2001


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