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Artist's Note

This is an excellant xp theme!!!

one of the best themes you can ever use. simple, clean, excellant

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nice and clean, but plain

Sat, Dec 8th at 07:44pm (16 years ago)
chavo says:

That is very clean. I would use it but I don't have XP. I would really like the winamp skin though.

Fri, Dec 7th at 06:38pm (16 years ago)
Mirage says:

i like...wish i had xp

Fri, Dec 7th at 08:45pm (16 years ago)
enhanced says:

Nice... Can you tell me the name of the winamp skin?

Fri, Dec 7th at 08:59pm (16 years ago)
Sybex says:

Just one thing tekneeq, how did you get the winamp controls on your taskbar?

Fri, Dec 7th at 10:27pm (16 years ago)
tekneeq says:

penaduny: they are winamp controls

// acidrone: i'll post it on a webpage soon

Fri, Dec 7th at 10:52pm (16 years ago)
xcjbx87 says:

very nice and clean looking :D

love how you got the winamp *controls* in taskbar

Fri, Dec 7th at 11:10pm (16 years ago)
AcidDrone says:

nice and clean, but how did you get the winamp controls down there?

Sat, Dec 8th at 01:21am (16 years ago)
penaduny says:

im thinkin its not winamp, could be shellpayer with new buttons. and if you guys want xp and have a fast connection email me i might be able to help you :P

ITS SHELL PLAYER, it comes with a older xp powertoys ive had it forever but i just realized that the buttons look different
cause his theme.

get it here

Sat, Dec 8th at 01:34am (16 years ago)
Tieger says:

fuck windoze. this desktop looks like a typical windoze- user's desktop. nothing new. ˇyou'd use mac or linux, but not windoze!

Sat, Dec 8th at 10:59am (16 years ago)
cerbero says:

I too am a little curious about the winamp controls too.. How do you get them into a toolbar like that? I've just seen systray plugins..
Penaduny: It isn't ShellPlayer... The buttons don't change when you change themes...

Sat, Dec 8th at 03:40pm (16 years ago)

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Created by tekneeq
on December 7th, 2001


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