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Name: Rush  Male
Status: Icon_inactive Inactive for 3 years
Member since: August 23rd, 2001
Last update: 4 years ago
Occupation: Mod on Customize.org, Market Research, Loafer
Birthday: June 12th, 1985 (29 years old)
Location: Toronto, Canda
Home country: Canada
AIM: rush68aimstyl
Current Projects: Getting up to 'snuff

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rush68 has posted 622 times.

372 there is a need of "category of art " with well manner and search option
If you have "concept" art as far as WIP themes that you are creating there is a personal work in progress upload feature that will prevent it from bei...
Posted 3 years ago in Customize.org.
372 how to delete an account?
Unfortunately there is no way currently to delete an account, the best we can offer is a ban, but that leaves the nickname mk95 still visible with a "...
Posted 4 years ago in Customize.org.
372 Apply A Theme
What calendar? It would help if you post details
Posted 4 years ago in Customize.org.
372 Report spam! Help the municipality.
Sorry everyone, I haven't been around for the last few days.

I wish I had the ability to add word filters, however, I'm still limited in what I can a...
Posted 4 years ago in Customize.org.
453 Remove back and foward button from explorer bar
It's better to just subscribe to the yearly object desktop subscription from stardock, it gives you windowblinds iconpackager and a ton of other usefu...
Posted 4 years ago in General Discussion.

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Final Fantasy XIII Title Screen Desktop! by Double Dot
If it's not the best you can do then why upload it at all?
Posted 3 years ago.
Colors by mandy0x
Is it possible to post a version with just the elephant/things growing out of it's ears? The "leaves" from the bottom make it too distracting for me.
Posted 4 years ago.
Finery Dark by suovainaja
Really digging the colours.
Posted 4 years ago.

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Glitch BFG
4 years ago

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Max says:
Well, I initially retired but was asked to come back and help out.
Fri 23rd Mar, 09:04pm