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Name: tech13 & malform 
Status: Icon_inactive Inactive for 14 years
Member since: November 29th, 2001

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ruinedinc vr2 by ruinedinc
Windowblinds changed the way windows looked long before microsoft caught on to the idea... We support windowblinds, we will not make a skin to support...
Posted 15 years ago.
ruinedinc by ruinedinc
Heh, the ruinedinc skin suite was made more than a year before the BTHD skins.... So you got it backwards :) theres nothing wrong with stealing from...
Posted 15 years ago.
Burning The House Down - windowblinds by ruinedinc
Sorry dude, what you see is what you get. :\
Posted 15 years ago.
Burning The House Down - screen shot by ruinedinc
There will be when ruinedinc gets back up.
Posted 15 years ago.
Burning The House Down by ruinedinc
kewlpyro, there will be a windowblinds skin and an icq skin released soon. glad you like it ;)
Posted 15 years ago.

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