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Artist's Note

Lists all running process, their PIDs, and optionally, other info like CPU utilization, memory usage, running time or any process-related performance counter.

-right-click menu with options to kill process, stop service, or open executable file's location
-regex filter to exclude any process by name
-separate CPU usage UpdateDivider
-indentation-length option for child processes

[Version 1.1.3]
-mouse wheel scroll support (plugin: )

[Version 1.1.2]
-much better performance

[Version 1.1.0]
-highlight processes based on any process-related performance counter (list with all options here: )
-bug fixes

Variants in the current package highlight latest processes and the ones with the highest memory usage.
ET stands for "Elapsed Time", e.g. ET10 will highlight the 10 latest procs.
M stands for "Memory", M3 the 3 procs with the highest memory usage.
See inc\variables.inc for configuration.
Choose "ProcessInfo_ET20 " or plain for more lightweight, or enable on bg.mouseover/leave in inc\variables.inc.

[Plugin options]
-select any counter of your choice,
-sorting (no/asc./desc) (see IndexType)
-select by counter rating
-normalization in [0,1]
-regex filter to exclude unwanted

[Known Problems]
-Regarding the perf.counters, it fails to distinguish between different processes with the same name. (PDH API wasn't that helpful here)
-Problems with new RM v2.4

Licensing: the artist has specified that ports and mods are allowed.

Comments (6)

Arsin93 says:

tks you so much >.<

Wed, Sep 5th at 04:52am (5 years ago)
balala says:

How can be showed the CPU utilization percentage? Because here I have not this info.

Thu, Sep 6th at 09:52am (5 years ago)

@Arsin You're welcome :) Hope u enjoy it!

It shows it by default. But if you want to make sure you have to set DisplayCPUUsage=1 in [MeasureProcessList] in ProcessInfo.ini.
Btw, it only shows it if it's greater than 0%.

Thu, Sep 6th at 02:26pm (5 years ago)

For over 1 year i hoped so much that someone wil manage this!
But there is still a bug. When I change the variant from top to bottom or back my Rainmeter crashes. Good bug hunting!

Fri, Sep 7th at 05:14am (5 years ago)

Hey, thanks, i know that, and also why it happens. Will be repaired in the next version ;)

Fri, Sep 7th at 01:47pm (5 years ago)
DNFrozen says:

are you still working on the new version?

Thu, Dec 19th at 08:00am (3 years ago)

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Created by gyrtenudre
on September 2nd, 2012


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