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Artist's Note

This is my first skin, what i've created. It contains a few different skins.

Included in that skin:

- Date
- Chronophage
- Time

- HDD Meter
- Music Player
- Recycle Bin icon

- Network and IP info
- CPU, RAM meter
- Weather

23/02/2012: I've updated the pack with missing icons of music player, network and HDD monitor.

Background picture is included too. Enjoy!

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Comments (95)

jackejorn says:

wo! i like it

Wed, Feb 22nd at 03:12am (5 years ago)
Sanguine says:

Like it a lot! Thanks for sharing.

Wed, Feb 22nd at 09:51am (5 years ago)
aooga12 says:

any way to convert clock to non-military time and the weather to Fahrenheit ?

Everything is awesome by the way.

Wed, Feb 22nd at 06:09pm (5 years ago)

To change the clock to 12h format open the Group1/Time/Clocke.ini file, find section [MeasureHour] , and then rewrite Format=%#H to %#I .
And for change weather format open the Weather/Weather White.ini file and rewrite Metric=m to Metric=f in section [Variables].

Hope i could help you! :)

Wed, Feb 22nd at 08:02pm (5 years ago)
fatcakes says:

How do I make the music player work to iTunes?

Thu, Feb 23rd at 12:44am (5 years ago)

Y iTunes NO WORK?

Thu, Feb 23rd at 12:57pm (5 years ago)

It works..Open UserVariables.inc file in Group2 folder, and rewrite MusicPlayer=WMP to MusicPlayer=iTunes. And here is the list of some more supported players:

Thu, Feb 23rd at 02:05pm (5 years ago)
FuzzyDong says:

Hello, there. I really like your skin, however I am quiet new to the world of customization and would like to know exactly how to set this whole thing up.
Thanks a lot,

Fri, Feb 24th at 06:45pm (5 years ago)

Hi, Is there a way to write the location above the weather?
Loving the theme btw :)

Sun, Feb 26th at 08:39am (5 years ago)
aMmEnRaH says:

Hi there! I'm a newbie here. I love the simplicity of the skin. However, i have some problems using the Launchers. I downloaded Enigma already to fix/edit the issue. Let me itemize them:
-Chrome is not responding.
-Edited the notepad and the rainmeter to firefox and YM respectively, not responding and it didn't change when i refresh them.
-Enigma has only 5 launchers/apps but these theme has 10, how can i edit the others.
-Change the Drive2 to I (So, he can read my external HDD) but it still the D (CD-rom) that it keeps recognizing.

What am I missing? I know there is but i don't know where... Stup&# me! :)

Please sir... I do really need your help! Hoping for your response soon. :))

Sun, Feb 26th at 05:02pm (5 years ago)

mitch_twhc: Simply go to , search your country, copy the code, what's after the last "/" from the URL, open the file Weather/Weather White.ini and rewrite the Location=LOXX0001 to Location=(your code).

aMmEnRaH: I have included a readme.txt file in TextIcons folder, there's the description, how to change the name, path and others regarding Launcher (in this way TextIcons).
When an icon isn't responding, you have probably in UserVariables.inc file bad path to app, what you will with the icon open. Here's a sample to fill the rows correctly:
App1Path=(your path to Chrome, e. g. C:\Program Files\...etc.)

To change the drives open again the UserVariables.inc file and rewrite the Drive2=D to your drive's letter ( I ).

Hope it helps! :) And that's ok, for me takes an theme customization a long time (and nerves) too.. :) (and sorry for little bad english :D )

Mon, Feb 27th at 02:58pm (5 years ago)

hi andrew,
this is a really really nice skin ! i have downloaded it already, but there are alot of functions that cannot be used, kept telling me that there's errors and something like "The skin "....." does not contain any meters and will be deactivated. The file may be damaged or it may not be a valid skin.". but other skins like cpu meter and weather can work. please try to help me, thanks ! :D

Tue, Feb 28th at 03:12am (5 years ago)
lostleg says:

Hello, I must say this is so far the best i´ve found on the net :-) But i can´t get the damn mp3 player working. This didnt help me:

I am using Winamp. Any ideas how to get it working? What things do i need to change? It keeps writing Error: Invalid player name. Thank you :-)

Tue, Feb 28th at 11:54am (5 years ago)
aMmEnRaH says:

Lostleg: I'm not pretty why you're having that problem, on my end Winamp works perfectly fine.

On the row that says

CurrentPlayer=#MusicPlayer# i just changed the MusicPlayer to Winamp (without the number sign)

andrew1515: ayt! i'll give it a try. Thanks for the help. oh, btw... May i ask you something do you know how to make full window transparent 'coz i think its much cooler to apply it on this theme. I tried the taskbar and start menu already. But as i have said Full black transparent for these theme/skin is way AWESOME! :) Thanks again

Tue, Feb 28th at 02:10pm (5 years ago)
KRP says:

Heya, love the skin! Was just wondering if there's a way to raise the font size at all?

Thu, Mar 1st at 12:40am (5 years ago)

Thanks to everyone! :)

KRP: You can't change the font size together for the all parts of theme. But separately yes. In case of Group1 subthemes, simply change in the .ini files the FontSize values to higher. Same situation is by JSNetwork and Weather too (you need to change the values in JSNetwork.ini and Weather White.ini files).
In case of Group2 open the Group2/Variables.inc file and change the Size1-Size5 values.
And finally, at the System-Compact you need to change the FontHeight1 and 2 values.

ryanlim123: I've tested that theme and it works at me. You've maybe outpacked the theme wrongly. You need to unpack completely the Serenity folder, not only the files, what the folder contains.

Thu, Mar 1st at 05:58pm (5 years ago)
Pete_Rawr says:

Hi andrew1515,

I cannot seem to make my clock run at my local setings. Also, i could not figure out how to fix the error for the launcher apps (like chrome quick link shortcuts.)

Also, I could not make the groups 2 Drive 2 be set to my E drive.

could you please assists me on these problems? I am in America and it is annoying that it is 9am and it says its 9pm yesterday.

Sat, Mar 3rd at 09:42am (5 years ago)

hi andrew, i love your theme and i know that its a freaking pain in the arse to explain to idiots like me how to work stuff but im begging you to make a video or write specific instructions on how to customise the text icons so they can open programs or files which i specify cause currently i am completely stumped.

and also, why do the icons disappear when i double click them a few times?


Sat, Mar 3rd at 08:55pm (5 years ago)
Trekkie21 says:

I'm trying to customize the launcher to launch different programs, but when I go to UserVariables.inc it says Windows does not recognize the file, so I can't move any further. It won't even suggest a program I can download to read the file.

Mon, Mar 5th at 12:32am (5 years ago)

Hello Andrew,

I'm having the same issue as user "justintang" above me in that the text icon initializers disappear if I double click them a couple of times. Restarting rainmeter doesn't seem to fix the problem nor unloading and re-enabling the skin. How can I fix this? Thanks.

Mon, Mar 5th at 04:45pm (5 years ago)
Pete_Rawr says:

This goes to [justintang] and [TresLeches]

if you double click on the icon, it will change appearance. just double click it back until you find the icon you like. it should only take 1 click to open anything on it so do not double click it. double click it if you want to change appearance, 1 click to open.

you are welcome my friends ;)

And andrew1515, I am still waiting for the help ;)

Tue, Mar 6th at 11:09am (5 years ago)
aMmEnRaH says:

Hi Pete_Rwar,

Have you tried this on... (This is the answer of Andrew when me and mitch_twhc encountered the same problem as you have right now...

mitch_twhc: Simply go to , search your country, copy the code, what's after the last "/" from the URL, open the file Weather/Weather White.ini and rewrite the Location=LOXX0001 to Location=(your code).

aMmEnRaH: I have included a readme.txt file in TextIcons folder, there's the description, how to change the name, path and others regarding Launcher (in this way TextIcons).
When an icon isn't responding, you have probably in UserVariables.inc file bad path to app, what you will with the icon open. Here's a sample to fill the rows correctly:
App1Path=(your path to Chrome, e. g. C:\Program Files\...etc.)

To change the drives open again the UserVariables.inc file and rewrite the Drive2=D to your drive's letter ( I ).

Tue, Mar 6th at 02:21pm (5 years ago)

Justintang and TresLeches,

If you go into the Group2 config files for whichever skin has disappeared, open it up and look at the codes for the variants in the 'Styles' section of the config file. They should be listed like Variant1=Normal, Variant2=Textless and so on.

If you look at the Meters section, look at the Variant that is listed in the MeterStyle line. Should look like this:

Change the number from Variant2 to whatever number is for 'normal.' Do this for each Variant value under the 'Background', 'Icon', 'App', and 'Label' section and reload the skin. The icon should reappear as normal. Worked for me when I had the same problem.

Tue, Mar 6th at 04:50pm (5 years ago)
Pete_Rawr says:


Hi bud, my problem was not with the weather but the actual clock in Serenity/Group1/Time. I figured it out though, i just right clicked it and chose "Get weather code.ini" and it did it for me ;)

and thanks for the info, im going to try it again ;)

Tue, Mar 6th at 06:13pm (5 years ago)
aMmEnRaH says:

Ma bad... Silly me... :( Ayt! Hope it will work.

Fri, Mar 9th at 03:00am (5 years ago)
IDanny says:

SO for the life of me i cannot change the color of any of the things. I have the right numbers but when i plug them in to where they are suppose to go the skin just disappears on me. Can anyone help me out with this problem?

Tue, Mar 13th at 02:58am (5 years ago)
Clarent says:

Hi, how can I change it to display degrees Celsius?
Its displaying "? right now and its also not displaying the entire weather forecast (its been cut off e.g showers in the vicinity is displaying as howers in the vicinity)

Mon, Mar 19th at 02:15am (5 years ago)
anhadow says:

i have problem with the weather module. it just not working. i can see the layout but that's all. the weather is not showing.
i love the minimalistic look.

Sat, Mar 24th at 08:39pm (5 years ago)

Nice man

Mon, May 21st at 12:40pm (5 years ago)

how to install

Mon, Jun 4th at 02:59am (5 years ago)
xlindzu says:

I love the idea of the text icons!! I'm just wondering how I could change the name, and which application it opens...

Thu, Jun 7th at 07:58pm (5 years ago)
xlindzu says:

Nevermind XD. Thank you. :)

Thu, Jun 7th at 07:59pm (5 years ago)
Blu1914 says:

Awesome skin Andrew! Is there anyway to add precipitation % to the weather?

Partly Cloudy
Feels Like
Prep. %

Tue, Jun 12th at 05:03pm (5 years ago)

Great work, but the network images won't load for me. The error protocol is telling: "Image: Unable to open..." to all Network*.png
I checked the folder and the link, alls seems fine. Any help?

Sun, Jun 17th at 03:24pm (5 years ago)

Absolutely gorgeous! I use it at home at work. ^_^ But I can't get Winamp to work with the Music module at work. I've edited the files exactly the same way, but still it won't pick up what Winamp is playing.
One of these days I'll figure out how to change the apps that are tied to the launchers as well so I won't have to keep RocketDock running (I have some programs at work that can't be pinned to the taskbar for some reason).

Mon, Jun 18th at 09:45am (5 years ago)


Sat, Jun 23rd at 02:39pm (5 years ago)

NEVER MIND Sorry for caps

Sat, Jun 23rd at 02:40pm (5 years ago)

Amazing skin Andrew, love it!

I do have a question about the music module though..
I got it to work in a way that I can control iTunes using the play/pause button and the forward and backward button. But the music module doesn't display what song is playing.
How do I fix this?

Tue, Jul 17th at 04:44am (5 years ago)
mikeh1294 says:

Awesome skin, it's my favourite so far!

I noticed in the user variables folder you have a section for feeds, but no way to access them in the skin. Will this be added at a later date?

Tue, Jul 24th at 11:35am (5 years ago)
P4Tx71 says:

Alright quick quest followed the instruction to go to copied and pasted location=USTX0697:1 and is saying it 29 outside lol live in texas not happening anytime soon was wondering if anyone had some tips

Thu, Jul 26th at 11:26pm (5 years ago)
P4Tx71 says:

haha im a idiot its in C not F lol

Thu, Jul 26th at 11:33pm (5 years ago)
P4Tx71 says:

Love everything but if anyone knows how to convert the weather from C to F would appreciate the tip thanks. And thanks again for the skin good job

Fri, Jul 27th at 12:09am (5 years ago)
BigStreet says:

How do I change to Firefox?

Sat, Jul 28th at 02:03am (5 years ago)
BigStreet says:

Nvm my question about FF, I fixed it.

But another question, if I click a texticon too many times, it disappears and I don't know where to find it again.

Sat, Jul 28th at 03:04am (5 years ago)
AnuragAP says:

Hey, can anyone help me out with this issue of creating the .rmskin package for this beautiful theme?
I tried, I failed.
Please, anyone of you blessed souls, help me in overcoming issue so that I too can enjoy this theme too?
Thanks.. :)

Fri, Aug 10th at 04:53am (5 years ago)
cfcfrank says:

hey i know you have written that to change the options for your skin we have to go to options.ini in enigma. but when i change, for example, font color in enigma, the enigma icons change their color but yours remains the same. pls just give a hint as to how to do it correctly. just a little bit

Wed, Aug 29th at 03:46am (5 years ago)
cfcfrank says:

got it..nevermind

Thu, Aug 30th at 03:40am (5 years ago)
illutian says:

So....how do you even use this. I've tried dropping it in the Skins folder, in the Themes folder, and in both.

And it does NOT look anything like the screenshot if I manually load the INIs (Skins tab of RainMeter)

Sat, Sep 29th at 10:48am (5 years ago)
illutian says:

Also...where is this 'location code' on weather.com

I see here it says to use the last part of the URL which is:

This if you look at one of the posts here they got it working:


So, ya...that link is the same as mine up until the final " / ".

Sat, Sep 29th at 11:33am (5 years ago)
illutian says:

Sigh, I always seem to figure stuff out after I click 'post'. So, apparently you can't just enter the zip code on weather.com.... -_-'

Still don't know how to get the layout of the above, though I've figured out how to get the modules to load; just have to drag them around still :P

Sat, Sep 29th at 11:36am (5 years ago)
kennyG says:

I've begun to use your skin.
Then, I would like you to show how to indicate my location name at weather information's part.
I modify the location code to my site, but my city's name can't be displayed.

Tue, Jan 1st at 12:23am (5 years ago)

Hey guys check out my desktop, I used this skin


Sat, Jan 19th at 01:03am (5 years ago)

I really need some help here.
I can't change the path of the launchers
The text that says "App1path" doesn't exist anymore, all I get is LeftMouseUpAction=!Execute
And if i put the app path behind it, nothing happens! I event tried adding the app1path line to it, but it didn't work! WHAT'S GOING OOOON!?

Wed, Jan 30th at 02:31pm (4 years ago)

Why does the chronophage say ex day (58/3) instead of 365? Also, when I double click on a launcher, it disappears and i have to look for an invisible pixel to double click again to get it back.

Wed, Feb 27th at 02:01pm (4 years ago)
cwj157 says:

pardon me for asking, im very new to this. what programs do i need to download to make my desktop looking like the one in the screenshot? an instruction would be so great. thanks, love this skin btw.

Fri, May 3rd at 06:45am (4 years ago)
TbRiu says:

how do i remove the double click feature ?

Wed, Jun 26th at 02:12pm (4 years ago)
Rootyyy says:

Hi! How can I make more launchers? I only got 5 :( I want many launchers like yours. BTW, this is an amazing skin! Loving it :)

Wed, Jul 10th at 05:57am (4 years ago)
xygon214 says:

I double click on the launcher to change the variant, and it changes once, then disappears upon repeating the action. Might just be a problem with the variant, but if I cannot see or interact with it, then I cannot change it to a variant that works. Any suggestions?

Fri, Aug 16th at 08:32pm (4 years ago)
rohan1995 says:

Hi could you explain how to put a folder link in it? Lets say Pictures folder is there and i want to access it from the desktop. How would i do that?

Sun, Aug 18th at 09:51am (4 years ago)
ady199 says:

Hi great skin (many thanks) - I am trying to get my D drive to show the free space but it just shows 'removed' my D drive is an Micro SD card - is there anyway for this to show the free space on it instead of 'removed'

Thanks in advance

Mon, Aug 26th at 11:59am (4 years ago)
mmb25 says:

uhm.. it doesnt have an ini file. can't install the skin :\

Sun, Oct 13th at 07:29pm (4 years ago)
mmb25 says:

rmskin file rather..

Sun, Oct 13th at 07:30pm (4 years ago)
hotrod221 says:

Hey, I love this skin and I installed it on all of my computers. But for some reason the CPU status says double of what the task manager says. Is there a way to correct this?

Tue, Oct 22nd at 10:25am (4 years ago)
machkulja says:

How to put Aimp 3 as a player?
Please answer, I love this skin!! :/

Wed, Oct 23rd at 08:31pm (4 years ago)
Vanblam says:

Thank you andrew1515 :) I couldn't figure out how to get Fahrenheit for the weather :P

Thu, Oct 24th at 08:26pm (4 years ago)
pjstrns says:

XML.weather.com got updated and you need to include lookahead assertions.

Here is an updated Today section.

*<day d="0" t="(.*)" dt="(.*)".*[hi](.*)[/hi].*[low](.*)[/low
].*(?(?=.*<part p="d">).*[icon](.*)[/icon].*[t](.*)[/
[/hmid]).*(?(?=.*<part p="n">).*[icon](.*)[/icon].*[t](.*)[/

Sun, Nov 3rd at 01:42am (4 years ago)

it doesn't switch to ''Tonight'' anymore?

Mon, Nov 4th at 11:27am (4 years ago)
Biobarr says:

Hello, I have a problem. My "Today" in weather doesn't display a value. And yes, I updated Today section :).

Thu, Nov 21st at 07:20pm (4 years ago)
rafixwpt says:

Hello, there is problem with weather, when on the site is "Early Today" weather gadged won't show that.

Sat, Nov 23rd at 08:55am (4 years ago)

i just registered to share my fixed "Today" Regex:
*<day d="0" t="(.*)" dt="(.*)".*[hi](.*)[/hi].*[low](.*)[/low
](?(?=.*<part p="d">).*[icon](.*)[/icon].*[t](.*)[/
).*<part p="n">.*[icon](.*)[/icon].*[t](.*)[/t

be sure to remove all returns/newLines!
Also, if you're interested in a german translation, feel free to contact me ;)

Wed, Jan 8th at 07:22pm (4 years ago)

wallpaper please

Thu, Jan 9th at 10:53pm (4 years ago)
bL1NdAC3 says:

Hello Andrew,
Is there a fix for the weather app? My weather works fine, but under the "Today" section it is blank. Is there some way for me to fix this so that my Today Weather begins to populate? Thank you!

Wed, Feb 5th at 02:49pm (3 years ago)
soarer205 says:

Does anyone know how to change the Font of the TextIcons?

Thu, Feb 13th at 12:01am (3 years ago)
soarer205 says:

The Font im trying to use is a custom downloaded Font

Thu, Feb 13th at 12:01am (3 years ago)
dnb90 says:

Hi andrew1515! do you have a fix on the weather?? i live in las vegas and i dont know how to fix it. even the TODAY section.


Wed, Mar 12th at 11:41pm (3 years ago)

I have installed this weather and have noted that the "Today" does not change to "Tonight" as I believe it is supposed to.
I noted that I can make it change manually by editing the configuration file dynamic value= from zero to one, but it doesn't change automatically and gets set to either Today or Tonight only.
Any idea how this can be fixed please?

Fri, Mar 14th at 06:39pm (3 years ago)

FWIW just wanted to add that I have tried both the supposed "Today" fixes shown in the replies, and neither of them works.
I noticed that there are [ ] brackets used, whereas my version is using < >, but even changing that did not fix the Today to Tonight failure to change over issue.

Sat, Mar 15th at 04:37pm (3 years ago)
emoon93 says:

I downloaded this, but how do I install this skin?

Sat, Mar 29th at 11:07pm (3 years ago)
iccookies says:

This is awesome but are you going to role out an update for it maybe add some things such as email support , that would really make this awesome.

Sat, Apr 12th at 08:11am (3 years ago)
zoon188 says:

Could you please send the layout file? Thanks

Fri, May 30th at 01:40am (3 years ago)

is it possible to change the font color to black?

Fri, Jun 6th at 12:00am (3 years ago)
kvaig says:

Hi! Thank you for amazing skin! everything works fine for me, but I`m having a little issue with TextIcons. Few days ago some of them started to look cropped. It`s not a big problem because if I set them to normal size they look just fine. The thing is I don`t like them to be all the same size. If anyone faced the same problem please share the ideas of how to fix it. Thank you in advance!

Sat, Jul 26th at 10:21am (3 years ago)
Zulu42 says:

This is probably a stupid question, but anyhow, How do you change the setting so that it finds my music folder and not try to find yours?

Tue, Jul 29th at 12:56pm (3 years ago)
Baef9F says:

how do i even download it says i need something for a Rar file?

Fri, Sep 5th at 11:16am (3 years ago)

Mother of GOD! I love this skin bro, I had to make an account just to tell you that. this is my first time ever using a Rainmeter and I did have some problems in the beginning I admit, but once I got the hang of it, it was stupid easy. 10/10

Wed, Oct 29th at 10:56am (3 years ago)
Klavy says:

hi, downloaded the thing, but for some reason i can't get the music player working, i rewrote the MediaPlayer: thing to iTunes but whenever i click on a song it starts to play with itunes insted of the little thingy... now the case may be that im just very stupind and not seeing the obvious, but i really dont know how to do this kindda stuff, anyboy can help please, would be much appreciated :)

Fri, Nov 28th at 01:33pm (3 years ago)
Angelin01 says:

Hello there. I would like to say I am loving this skin so far, but there's one thing that bothers me a bit. You see, I live in Brazil and even though my english is pretty good, I would like to have stuff like the days and months to be displayed in portuguese. For that top menu with the "Year 2015 | Month 1 ..." I can just change the prefix, but for stuff like the days I can't find variables for that. So, how do you get those variables?

Thu, Jan 8th at 09:54am (3 years ago)
Angelin01 says:

Nevermind my other comment, I just figured it out by using Substitute="January":"Janeiro". Just had to google the right thing :)

Thu, Jan 8th at 09:57am (3 years ago)
xam234239 says:

Looks pretty awesome! Just one question:
1. how do you remove the standart windows taskbar?

Thu, Jan 22nd at 05:36pm (3 years ago)
volmarrk says:

how do you change location for the weather?

Thu, Feb 12th at 10:08pm (2 years ago)
pp9enajz says:

The problem that I'm having is that the weather won't switch to "Tonight" and there is no description or image for "Today"'. Help Please.

Sun, Apr 5th at 06:30pm (2 years ago)

Hey, for the weather it doesn't show the current weather it just has a big N/A it will show the temperature

Thu, Apr 16th at 10:59am (2 years ago)
sodamac says:

heyy bro plz work up on weather ...
i got the only location code of my place ie. INXX. BUt i couldn't find the another LNXX one!

Thu, Dec 17th at 06:08am (2 years ago)
dvilloldo says:

Weather.com XML feed seems like don't works anymore. How to fix:

Sat, May 21st at 02:49pm (1 year ago)
dvilloldo says:

forum.rainmeter.net / viewtopic.php ? t=23289

Sat, May 21st at 02:51pm (1 year ago)

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