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Rainmeter Skins / space craft - rainmeter

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JG XD says:

thank..you bro........excellent work..the best......

Fri, Nov 25th at 11:47pm (6 years ago)
boyblu says:

nevermind , i found it , awesome skin!

Mon, Nov 28th at 09:05am (6 years ago)
boyblu says:

wish it would fit my 10.1 inch netbook screen

Mon, Nov 28th at 09:20am (6 years ago)
Slade96 says:

I am new to using rainmeter and have downloaded this skin for the obvious reason that it looks absolutely awesome, however i find when enabling skins that i can only enable one and when i try to enable another, the previous one disappears. Is there another way to enable them without this problem occuring?

Sat, Dec 10th at 09:43pm (6 years ago)
pythes says:

I've done so much with this skin and it really impresses everyone that sees it.

Amazing work, absolutely excellent!

Fri, Dec 16th at 11:50am (6 years ago)
JesseRice says:

This is just amazing. I love it!

Thu, Dec 22nd at 11:39pm (6 years ago)

I have the same problem. Im also a noob. Got a new toughbook after my alienware fried and saw this new Rainmeter thing and this theme. Only thing is I can only add one skin at a time. How do I load more than one at a time or all at once? And btw major props on the kick arse skin!

Tue, Dec 27th at 02:14am (6 years ago)

Can i have this on 1366 x 768?
I love this!

Sat, Dec 31st at 03:31am (6 years ago)
123a169 says:

how do i install the skin?

Fri, Jan 6th at 05:32pm (6 years ago)
dapwnager says:

the reflective clock keeps saying it can not find 2012.png, can you update it to have a 2012 picture too?
for the rest, cool them, i love it.

Tue, Jan 17th at 10:19am (6 years ago)
louiez says:

this is second skin I adopted. I learned from this one a lot. I apprecaite your sharing of nice work. the space ship cockpit idea is very original and inspriing. I made a few customized skin as I was developer before. But lack of skill to make an nice graphic short my legs. anways, my salute to author.

Wed, Jan 25th at 12:34am (6 years ago)

thanks mate for such cool theme...

Thu, Feb 9th at 09:12am (5 years ago)

I really wish that you guys (developers) would include a read me file with your work. I know you worked hard to build these skins but I would really like to know how and where to install it so I can use it. I am new to this kind of customization as I am sure many here are. This is absolutely awesome BTW... Keep up the great work.

Sat, Feb 11th at 01:17pm (5 years ago)

Lot of questions here - I have some answers, and a fun tip...

For those of you who don't have his specifically tailored resolutions (like me, a 1366x700), you can save a copy of his skin, then edit it. Especially for the frame skins... look for large X or Y values and replace it with your screen's maximum value (for me, maximum Y value is 700). You can restore your saved copy if you make a mistake, but trial and error will get you there.

For those of you who can only load one skin at a time, that is because the designer packaged most of the skins in one folder. In order to do have multiple skins, you must place each individual skin in it's own folder.

There's a couple quirks, but I love this skin. Kudos!

Also a fun tip. If you HD footage of flying or space travel (I downloaded and , for instance), then use VLC player to set the HD video as your wall paper (), it gives the illusion of your desktop flying through space. The skins aren't designed for it, but it's still a breathtaking effect.

Sat, Feb 25th at 02:19am (5 years ago)
dum1989 says:


Sun, Mar 18th at 10:20am (5 years ago)
Leon7777 says:

How to install skin. Pls reply A.S.A.P

Sat, Jul 28th at 01:51am (5 years ago)
predawn says:

so im new to all this and was wondering how use this the few others i have were alot easier

Thu, Dec 6th at 06:14pm (5 years ago)
kjharish says:

hey can you show me the 100% working of project rotator....i see icons of weather but on clicking upon nothing shows up??? how to tweak it?

Tue, Apr 16th at 10:40pm (4 years ago)

This is exactly what I was looking for! I'm using this along with the starfield dream by Neil Banfield for Deskscapes and a space wallpaper with a nebula and it looks awesome like you're flying through space.

Sun, Oct 27th at 05:11am (4 years ago)
Dragon22 says:

i am new here, so i downloaded the file from the link , then what should i do ?

Sun, Dec 29th at 05:46am (4 years ago)
kendareru says:

My only regret is that it doesn't quite fit my resolution.

Sun, Mar 2nd at 06:21pm (3 years ago)

nice theme bro

Fri, Apr 4th at 02:14pm (3 years ago)

None of the links/launchers work, it's just a barely readable black text that does nothing when you click it. Other than that everything's pretty awesome

Sun, Jun 15th at 05:25pm (3 years ago)

Hey i copied the folder into my skins folder but it still hasn't installed

Sun, Sep 4th at 01:02pm (1 year ago)

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