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Artist's Note

Dragun System (Hard Drive, Dual/Quad-Core CPU, RAM and Swap File monitors)
Dragun Network (Wireless strength, download and upload speed monitors)
Dragun Battery (Battery charge and charging status monitors)
Dragun Weather
Dragun Clock (both analog and digital)

There are 4 versions of all of them except the clock, which allow placement of any of them in any of the 4 corners of the screen.

Please leave any bug reports/feature requests in the comments or email me.

Change Log:
1.1 - Added support for quad core processors
- Fixed the HDD display to show percentage used instead of percentage free

1.2 - Added forcasted High and Low temperatures
- Bar now shows percentage between the forcasted high and low (IE, if the High is 100 and the Low is 50, and the current temp is 75, the bar will be at 50%)

1.3 - The battery meter now has 3 bars that measure 1/3 of the total charge each instead of the three-color single bar that measured total charge

1.4 - Added local IP address to the Wireless Monitor

1.4.1 - Added Net IP address too

1.5 - Changed the text "System" to the current OS version
- Added the User skin, which simply says which User is logged on and the computer name

1.6 - Added a new Analog clock, which is closer to the style of the rest of the pack.

1.6.1 - Added an optional digital display to the new analog clock.

1.6.2 - Added the 4 Quarter Clocks, which are identical to the rest of the skins.

1.6.3 - Fixed the forcasted High and Low temperature display so they actually show todays values instead of tomorrow's (oops)

1.7 - Major overhaul under the hood of the Weather skins. They now show the City/Town name and an icon for the current weather.
- To make it easier to change the location, measurement (C or F) and font, I added a config file. Now you just change any or all of those in the config file and the change will affect all the skins (as opposed to needing to change each skin individually).
-Also added config files for the other packages (System, Clock, etc). These only change the font for now.

1.8 - Added the Dragun Forecast package. This is a 3 day weather forecast skin showing High and Low temperatures along with an icon showing the forecasted conditions.
- Added a forcasted conditions icon to the weather package. This is a smaller icon right next to the current conditions icon. For example, if it's sunny right now, but you're supposed to get rain later today, the large icon will show a sun, but the small one will show rain.

1.9 - Removed the weather and forecast skins. Google removed the site they were getting their data and I haven't found a suitable replacement.



All credit for the amazing dragon wallpaper in the screenshot goes to Alecan on deviantart ().

Fri, Oct 28th at 03:09pm (6 years ago)

Comments, suggestions and critiques are welcome and appreciated.

Fri, Oct 28th at 03:49pm (6 years ago)

The wallpaper in the screenshot is no longer by Alecan, but if you like dragons, you should still check out the site I linked above.

Fri, Jun 22nd at 04:15pm (5 years ago)

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Created by whyttedragun
on October 28th, 2011


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