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Artist's Note

My First Theme let me know if you like it.

Licensing: the artist has specified that ports and mods are allowed.

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Comments (27)

xReDxMaNx says:

Thanks alot ! this is great :P but I think you forgot to include the background ? or is it me not finding it =/ ? so could you include the wallpaper with it ?

Thu, Oct 27th at 01:02pm (3 years ago)

Yeah I forgot to put it in I'm going to upload the new file today.

Thu, Oct 27th at 01:09pm (3 years ago)
xReDxMaNx says:

alright ! thanks a ton :)

Thu, Oct 27th at 01:27pm (3 years ago)
shevas says:

as I ride.
sends a tutorial

Thu, Oct 27th at 08:54pm (3 years ago)

how do u install this.... ?????

Fri, Oct 28th at 03:08am (3 years ago)

please help.......

Fri, Oct 28th at 03:08am (3 years ago)
xReDxMaNx says:

a side note , when you unpack the theme you will find files outside which are not in folders , if you let them like that rainmeter will consider them as variants of same skin which might be problematic cause you can use only 1 variant :P so put them in individual folders

Fri, Oct 28th at 06:22am (3 years ago)

Thanks for letting me know. I wasn't sure, I'm pretty new to Rainmeter still.

Fri, Oct 28th at 01:27pm (3 years ago)

when i try to put the music player..... It shows some error. please help me.... I am also new to rainmeter.... it shows some error in the syntax :/

Sat, Oct 29th at 10:39am (3 years ago)

please let me know how did u put those logos on the screen and what is that centre glowing thing on the dark arcs.......

Sat, Oct 29th at 10:41am (3 years ago)
xReDxMaNx says:

for the music player you need to put the plugin file in the winamp folder in the program files for example , or you can use the enigma options.ini from the enigma theme to help you with it , ill search for the plugin file later if you need it

Sat, Oct 29th at 12:15pm (3 years ago)

but when i do this it just shows initialisation successful and nthin happens

Sun, Oct 30th at 12:22am (3 years ago)
kalpet89 says:


Sun, Oct 30th at 11:44pm (3 years ago)

I need help on the facebook skin. I can't find a way to load it. All it says is "loading..." and also how do you fix the skin for the "World 1?" It says London but I want it Vancouver. Thanks

Tue, Nov 1st at 04:02am (3 years ago)

Nvm sorry lol

Thu, Nov 3rd at 03:04am (3 years ago)

how do you put the lines and the folded paper in the skin? help

Thu, Nov 3rd at 08:46pm (3 years ago)

nvm about the lines, i found them but i cant simply put them on the right place. i have a screen resolution of 1366 X 768. How do i change the size the lines, because it is also no letting me drag them around.

Fri, Nov 4th at 12:20am (3 years ago)
xReDxMaNx says:

@ leopenguino
right click on the lines theme , go edit skin , the text file for the skin should open, at the bottom something like the following should be there:


change the width and height to your liking , save and then refresh the skin and abra kdabra !
hope this helps you :P

Mon, Nov 7th at 06:42am (3 years ago)

I don't understand how to install this.

Mon, Nov 7th at 03:48pm (3 years ago)
xReDxMaNx says:

there is no automatic install for this , you need to download this , then go documents > rainmeter > skins , make a folder for technologic , copy the extracted files there , then you should start seeing the skins in the rainmeter menu, then activate what you want and move them around to your liking

Tue, Nov 8th at 09:36am (3 years ago)
Kerpix says:

I'm getting Calc: #Syntax error! in measure [MeasureIndicatorX] and [MeasureIndicatorY] for the calendar. Any ideas how to fix this?

Fri, Nov 11th at 04:35am (3 years ago)

hola, soy nuevo en esto me podrias ayudar a instalarlo es que la neta no se SALUDOS!!

Mon, Nov 21st at 11:50am (3 years ago)
joeme23 says:

how do i use this theme? i cant figure it out..please help.

Thu, Nov 24th at 06:29am (3 years ago)

Hi, how do I set up the launchers, inorder so that they actually launch something, instead of displaying something like ##App1#label#

Thu, Aug 9th at 05:25pm (2 years ago)
yash1331 says:

gonna download whole theme just for a clock :P

Sat, Jun 22nd at 11:44am (1 year ago)
zanzee says:

cant you send this as "saved themes" ? pleeease, this beautyful theme is really hard to make. Thanks.

Tue, Dec 24th at 03:53am (1 year ago)
mlucky says:

so much work

Mon, Apr 14th at 01:55pm (1 year ago)

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