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Rainmeter Skins / Rota H.U.D.

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Artist's Note

Rota H.U.D.

*Disk Dock is NOT included. Get it here -->


- Weather (modified vClouds)
- RSS Feed (modified from "Newspaper Desktop by Tatenokai)
- Time
- System info: RAM, CPU, HDD 1, HDD 2, Up Time.

Define your variables in: My Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\Rota HUD\Variables.txt

Bundles (more)

Suite / Rota H.U.D. (includes 2 works)

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Comments (24)

Uirapuru says:

oh boy this is marvelous

Mon, Sep 26th at 01:44pm (6 years ago)

I love this but how do you change the weather location?

Wed, Sep 28th at 07:57pm (6 years ago)
Ralston87 says:

I am with pyro angel. I would like to be able to mod this to have the weather in my area! But otherwise this is a great skin.

Fri, Sep 30th at 11:46pm (6 years ago)
dberry3 says:

How would a noob like me change the format of the clock to standard time not military time?

Tue, Oct 4th at 12:21am (6 years ago)
dberry3 says:

@canuckken Thanks I figured it out finally! I have never done anything like this, and it has consumed my life figuring out all this code stuff lol. Any suggestions on where to learn?

Wed, Oct 5th at 01:00am (6 years ago)
dberry3 says:

thanks for this skin

Fri, Oct 7th at 09:51am (6 years ago)
tank0930 says:

A wonderful skin and really like it. Thanks.

Sat, Oct 8th at 08:56pm (6 years ago)

@pyro_angel @Ralston87 Go to weather.com and type in your city and state in the search box and hit enter. At the end of the web address there should be a code like this USMN0503. Copy that code. Now right click on the weather panel and choose Edit Skin. Under [Variables] type in Location= and paste that weather.com code. Also, if you want to change the temp to Fahrenheit, below that type Unit=F

For example, my variables look like this:


FontFace=BankGothic Lt BT

Tue, Oct 11th at 02:48am (6 years ago)

Ha! just saw @canuckken had already answered and with a better answer!

Tue, Oct 11th at 02:50am (6 years ago)
wocky says:

Hello. Newbie here. I downloaded the file but I can't install it. I tried to open rainstaller.cfg in WordPad and I saw some info but not on how to install it. How can I install it? Sorry its my first time to try this things out.

Thu, Oct 13th at 11:27pm (6 years ago)
Ralston87 says:

how would you install a rainmeter skin that is a .rar file? and also the zip files confuse me sometimes

Sun, Oct 16th at 02:58pm (6 years ago)
Rain003 says:

Ok I know this is getting old, but how do I work the weather thing. I understand that I go to weather.com and copy the code from the url, problem is that I'm in the US and for us (at least I think) weather.com just uses our area codes. Now area codes are just 5 numbers not codes like canuckken's example. I tried just putting in my area code and got nothing, also tried putting in my state and town initials along with my area code and nothing. Am I just being stupid here or is there some trick that I'm missing?

Tue, Dec 13th at 02:18pm (6 years ago)
louiez says:

if I don't have objectdock, i would spend some time to suite it as part of my desktop. I have downloaded it and I would say it's a master piece. very unique design.

Wed, Jan 25th at 12:36am (6 years ago)
jpleite says:

So I tried this weather thing as described, but it's not showing up.

Tue, Jan 31st at 05:59pm (6 years ago)
ifergus says:

Hi I can't get it to show Celsius I tried Unit=C
it still shows Fahrenheit?

Thu, Feb 23rd at 05:43am (5 years ago)
connor23 says:

This is great, but I am having some problems with the weather not always showing up. Usually it works, but after a half hour or so all the fields will be blank with no picture or at least one of them will be missing until I refresh all. Some times refreshing doesnt even fix it.

Mon, Mar 12th at 07:13pm (5 years ago)

How do I make it show the vlc player playing there?
When I try to it tells me in a black box "Define Player
thank you.

Sun, Jun 24th at 01:07am (5 years ago)

Also why the dragging option is gray?

Sun, Jun 24th at 04:59am (5 years ago)
xtcvv2 says:

Is there any way to get my youtube subscribtion updates in the RSS feed thingy?

Sat, Jun 30th at 07:30pm (5 years ago)

the weather want work at all ive tried everything time change worked fine no weather at all

Sun, Dec 2nd at 01:12pm (5 years ago)

oh yeah the rss feed not working

Sun, Dec 2nd at 01:13pm (5 years ago)

is this 64 or 32 bit by the way

Sun, Dec 2nd at 01:24pm (5 years ago)

Is there a way to add additional hdds to the info panel?

Also, my disk dock doesn't fit neatly into the curve of the info panel either. Is there a way to resize one or both?

Thu, Jan 17th at 05:31pm (5 years ago)

about the disk, I can't seem to edit the input bars to get the icons to go the programs i want them to go. i click, i type what i want and it doesnt save. help?

Mon, Sep 1st at 08:10pm (3 years ago)

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