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Rainmeter Skins / Facebook for Rainmeter 2.1.1

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Artist's Note


- View 10 most recent posts from your News Feed and Wall (Includes status updates, photos, checkins, links, and videos).
- View 5 most recent Notifications, Friend Requests, and Inbox Messages
- Easily post status updates to your wall without opening a browser
- 3 variants - Full, Compact, and Large Text
- Colors and fonts are fully customizable, so it will look great on any background

Version 2.1.1 (Released Oct 23rd, 2011)
- Significantly lowered data load times

New in version 2.1 (Released Oct 19th, 2011)
- Skin downloads data directly from Facebook instead of going through my server, so it's more reliable
- Lowered refresh rate to every 3 min. (Skin checks for new notifications, friend requests, and messages every 1 min)
- Removed large "Facebook" header to conserve screen space
- No longer have to manually configure your Notifications RSS feed, it's automatically done for you when you connect with Facebook
- Notification bubble color is now configurable
- Added optional background to help with text legibility

New in version 2.0
- "Like" posts
- View,post and like comments to posts
- View friend requests
- View latest inbox messages
- Notified of new friend requests, messages, and notifications via "balloon tip" similar to the Facebook website

Known Issues
- Facebook hasn't released the API for their new messaging system, so there are some inconsistencies (any messages received through FB Chat will not show up) between what you will see in the skin and their website. They say it will be released soon, and as soon as it is I will release an update.

- Occasionally after posting a new comment, the skin doesn't show it. If that happens, just close out the comments and reopen. I haven't had any instance when the comment wasn't posted...so don't double post assuming it didn't work the first time.

Requires .

This skin requires application authorization through Facebook. This is completely secure and you can view my privacy statement . The list of permissions required has gotten significantly longer...this is due to the new notifications feature.


If you like this skin...please consider a small donation to help cover my server bandwidth costs. Just click the small, blue gear icon in the upper right corner of the skin.

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Comments (21)

kygeorge says:

how to apply the theme ?

Fri, Sep 9th at 01:04pm (6 years ago)
bjbinc says:

download and install rainmeter 2.1. then download this skin and double click. It will install itself.

Fri, Sep 9th at 09:08pm (6 years ago)
josephmc5 says:

The background is completely transparent. It says the background color is black. Any ideas?

Thu, Oct 13th at 12:46am (6 years ago)
bjbinc says:

download the latest update...should be working now

Wed, Oct 19th at 05:44pm (6 years ago)
aramon says:

my wife and i use the same pc. any chance you could make a skin like this but for two facebook accounts?

Thu, Nov 3rd at 11:27am (6 years ago)
szecs says:

How can I change the number of posts in feed? Please help! =)

Wed, Dec 14th at 09:02am (5 years ago)
kiwae says:

Love it, now if only I can minimize the feed when I don't want to look at it.

Sun, Jan 15th at 05:47am (5 years ago)
braz17 says:

When I try to install this it says "Unable to create file: WP7/TextItems/FacebookForOmnimo/.png

Tue, Jan 31st at 03:45am (5 years ago)
bukuskat says:

I think this may have a keylogger, When you install it deleted your saved setting for saved passwords and forms.

Doesnt make any sence on my a skin would do that other then wanting you to type emails and passwords... sounds funny to me.

Mon, Feb 20th at 07:27am (5 years ago)
manu1973 says:

I'm french canadian and all accents are correct except in the notification page. (earth icon)

I checked some files like dump.txt, cache.txt, dumpn.txt, cachen.txt, dumpm.txt and cachem.txt....

In every files, accent are ok except in the files dumpn.txt and cachen.txt. Those files are for "notification" i think... dumpm.txt and cachem.txt are probably for "message" and i don't understand why accent are ok in "m" files and not in "n" files.

Can you help me please? Thank you

Sat, Mar 3rd at 10:24am (5 years ago)

feeds aren't refreshing..
i got stuck wit d same news feeds all day..:(
help please..

Tue, Jun 26th at 11:54am (5 years ago)
kubac says:

me gusta

Wed, Oct 17th at 11:46am (5 years ago)

This looks awesome....however when I try to login using the button it asks me to sign in and then fails to login successfully...

any thoughts?

Sun, Jan 20th at 02:26pm (4 years ago)
dave_c says:

karlifornia - i have same issue.

Wed, Jan 23rd at 08:34am (4 years ago)
londonukm says:

me too, i guess this is skin is no longer supported?

Thu, Feb 21st at 10:13am (4 years ago)
ali2184 says:

karlifornia me too

Sat, Mar 23rd at 01:08pm (4 years ago)
makankaki says:

same problem with karlifornia, dave_c, londonukm, ali2184..

Sat, Apr 20th at 04:26am (4 years ago)
dano5 says:

facebook says app is in sandbox mode, not working...

Wed, Jun 5th at 09:41am (4 years ago)
Doji says:

This app doesn't work with Facebook security access code. :(

Thu, Sep 11th at 08:34am (3 years ago)

Very interesting. I know a way where you can change the layout of your page on facebook. Installing custom themes. Changes only to you, but is actually pretty cool.
Here is an example of how:

A tutorial on how to use themes (very easy):

And a list of various themes:

I hope you like the tip. :)

Thu, Nov 27th at 07:13am (2 years ago)
Booghy says:

How do I authorize this application ? There is no app in my apps list . Do I have to add any app ?

Mon, Dec 8th at 12:44am (2 years ago)

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on August 17th, 2011


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