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Artist's Note

Displays the System CPU utilization and a histogram.

Has two functional modes: With or without spinners. (Spinners take up more CPU usage, but it's so small that it's like 0-2% on most PCs)

The spinner rotates faster as more CPU is utilized.

The spinners can be toggled on/off using the Kerrigan Control skin:

CPU temperature currently requires Everest running with reporting sensor logs to the registry.

If CPU usage stays at or near 100% for 1-2 minutes the skin will automatically shut down all spinners.

Note this is V1.0.1

Apparently made a mistake when uploading and overwrote v102 with v101.

I'll have it fixed soon.


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Comments (14)

SashaFox says:

The cpu load string needed to be shifter to the right abit.
I have already done this on my PC and added multi core Strings also (At least for my i7 anyways).
This is a nice addon though and fun to tweak and change.

IDK just a thought though but have the big rotator for overall and drop the usage auto shutoff, make smaller rotators for each processor core and drop the histogram.

On the RAM widget i made the outer and inner rotating images go different directions, pretty cool

Also a HDD activity device may be interecting

Sun, May 8th at 06:35am (3 years ago)

how i change my spinner into two spinner?
i have dual core cpu and i want to show it like sashafox did

Sat, May 14th at 08:37am (3 years ago)

as soon as I set it to spinner it goes from 2% to 100% for half a second then goes off of spinner oh and some code shows up in the top left of my screen
here is a pic of what happens

is there any way to fix this? oh and it dose the same thing for the ram

Wed, Jun 1st at 06:15pm (3 years ago)
Katze says:

I've configured it to work with CoreTemp, more simple. Thank for this rainmeter!

Fri, Jun 24th at 04:00pm (3 years ago)
Katze says:

Sorry, but one more question. Why the
it make the max TempRing Display only about 70*, but the real temp can be higher.
I think
make the max TempRIng Display to ~9x*, like the limit temp of many CPU.

Fri, Jun 24th at 04:40pm (3 years ago)
xnuw says:

hi katze can u pls upload how to configure coreTemp with this skin. tnx

Fri, Jul 8th at 01:37pm (3 years ago)
sh0metsu says:

wondering if u can specify where in your file to change the color of the graph that shows the level of CPU use

Fri, Jul 29th at 09:28am (3 years ago)
AEZ says:

I just registered for you, IF YOU WANT TO RUN THIS WITH SPEEDFAN, JUST EDIT IN CPU_Spinner.ini directly under:

; Tempurature


Then you run Speedfan by the way in your Taskbar. So download ist before.

Greetz from Germany. :)

THX for this cool Skin.

Tue, Jan 31st at 08:11pm (2 years ago)

Everest is discontinued, so I am using AIDA64. I know its a pain to write out how to change this for each one, but AIDA is the only one that recognizes my 8 core, which is another issue I need to figure out. One main temp should be ok though. I just mainly need it to work with AIDA64

Sun, Mar 25th at 04:28pm (2 years ago)
sethe23 says:

Being the American programmer I am, I converted this to work with the main core of the processor using the CoreTemp plugin. It updates around every 5 seconds, other wise it would become a process itself trying to keep up. Here is the replacement code below

Wed, Jan 2nd at 02:25am (1 year ago)
sethe23 says:

--Copy and replace this just above the [Translator] function--



Text=[Fahren] °F

Wed, Jan 2nd at 02:27am (1 year ago)
LoliHero says:

Help! It shows the temperature of my CPU stays at 0! Why?

Sat, Apr 20th at 05:11pm (1 year ago)
feniks says:

thanks Sethe23, I just fixed my Kerrigan CPU with CoreTemp plugin (modded it back to Celsius temps though). awesome!

I also had to mod the CPU MHz portion in cpu_spinner.ini file to keep refreshing the CPU speed as I am running a 3770K with dynamic Turbo mode, so that changes frequently, used updatedivider=40 in both measure section and then display section and it seems to do the trick perfectly!

Fri, Jul 19th at 12:35pm (1 year ago)

Help, I have shown that the temperature is equal to 0, what to do?

Wed, Aug 13th at 11:58am (1 month ago)

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on April 7th, 2011


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