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Artist's Note

Current verison: 2.0

Similar to and what's available in the AdvancedCPU plug-in, this plugin allows you to get an arbitrary number of top processes based on memory consumption or CPU consumption.

In the screen shot, TopProcesses functionality was added to a customized version of the ABP skin (see the bottom two sections).

Note that the line spacing is not adjustable due to a current limitation of Rainmeter - spacing is based only on the font that you choose. If you want to adjust the spacing, ask for one process at a time, though this will not perform as well as asking for all of the processes at once.

Also note: This was developed in C#, so it suffers from the bug here (though only in Win 7 x32): . To avoid this, see my post here:

A sample .ini file is included in the zip for both measures, below lists just the CPU sample:


: Indicates if this init entry should re-look at the process list
: 1 = Yes, 0 = No
: If you do more than one config entry, only ONE needs to do the ReQuery

: Pipe-delimited processess to exclude from the list (can handle wildcards, use the % or * character)
: GlobalIgnoredProcesses is MORE efficient than SpecificIgnoredProcesses as it filters globally (at the Perfmon query)
: If you use GlobalIgnoredProcesses to filter, processes will be excluded from all measures using the TopProcesses plugin
: GlobalIgnoredProcesses will only be applied to the measure with ReQuery=1

: Pipe-delimited processess to exclude from the list (can handle wildcards, use the % or * character)
: SpecificIgnoredProcesses is LESS efficient than GlobalIgnoredProcesses as it filters per measure.
: The processes below will ONLY be filtered for MeasureTopCPU
: SpecificIgnoredProcesses can be used on any measure, regardless of ReQuery value

: Metric for which to determine top processes (CPU or Memory)

: The top processes to find can be a single number (e.g. 0 = top one process) or a range (0-4 = top five processes)

: Format in which to return the results... any string including the following keys: %pName %pID %CPU %Memory
: You can also get a substring of a key; e.g. to trim the name to 8 chars use this format: s(%pName,0,7)
Format="%CPU%: %pName"

: A multiple of update timespans to actually perform the update (see ).
: Only pertinent when ReQuery = 1


Licensing: the artist has specified that ports and mods are allowed.

Comments (9)


Has there been any advancement on this to correct spacing issues.

Fri, Mar 25th at 05:34pm (6 years ago)

Using the included ini, I cannot get the CPU and memory processes to display at the same time. I can only get one or the other, and always the one listed first in the ini only. Any ideas?

Sun, Mar 27th at 06:26am (6 years ago)
ch_rob says:

re: (sgtevmckay) spacing... When writing the plug-in just last week, I investigated it and I did not come up with a way to control the spacing in rainmeter except what was noted above; by trying different fonts (which drive spacing) or by asking for one process at a time and manually spacing them as you need.

re: (cwfrizzell) both measures at the same time... see my response to your post here:

Sun, Mar 27th at 08:38pm (6 years ago)
ch_rob says:


Per suggestions from jsmorley, added the ability to wildcard the filters with the use of % and *.

Per suggestions from Chewtoy, added the ability to specify an UpdateDivider so that it does not have to query the perf counters on each update.

Mon, Mar 28th at 08:15pm (6 years ago)
ch_rob says:

Per suggestions from GHOST®, added the ability to return a substring of a key.

In the format string, use the following pattern: s(key,startChar, endChar)
- where key is the key to trim
- startChar is the zero-based starting character position
- endChar is the zero-based ending character position.

For example, to get the first 8 characters of the process names use s(%pName,0,7)

Wed, Mar 30th at 09:09pm (6 years ago)
rover3500 says:

I'm sorry I feel thick,theres loads files in zip,put top processes.dll in plugins(which one,the compiled one or the other?)and the test top processes.ini in a folder in skins,but just crashes badly,have to reset pc.Any help ps,have been looking for this for a while.

Sat, Sep 3rd at 05:47am (6 years ago)
rover3500 says:

I will use forums,apologies.

Sat, Sep 3rd at 06:06am (6 years ago)


Your plug-in does exactly what I was looking for. I'm wondering, however, if there's a way to change the font, font size, and font color.


Tue, May 28th at 04:45pm (4 years ago)
shengli says:

Great skin but one question how do i change the decimal from
7.4%: svhost to 7%: svhost.
And 193.48MB:firefox to 193MB:firefox.
And 1.2GB:whateverprogram to 1200MB:whateverprogram

Mon, Jul 15th at 08:50am (4 years ago)

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Created by ch_rob
on March 24th, 2011


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