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Rainmeter Skins / Raining Planets

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Artist's Note

A combination of useful skins, with a cool background by Gucken

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NOTE TO END USERS: Take the skins out of this "Suite" as their meant to be standalone and not in the "Raining Planets" folder. We have gotten 2 posts regarding this at the rainmeter forums.

Wed, Apr 6th at 05:59pm (6 years ago)
dreamlane says:

Hey there, I've posted this screenshot on my blog with it linking back to here, using it as an example of an inspirational desktop for those new to customization.

Here it is:

Thu, Jun 2nd at 05:43pm (6 years ago)

winamp skin please

Mon, Jul 4th at 01:02pm (6 years ago)
zak1221 says:

How can i get the firefox or chrome to work under internet...facebook and everything else does except in web browsers?

Mon, Oct 24th at 06:40pm (6 years ago)
zngga says:

hey sorry I have been so inactive.

@Dreamlane: Thats awesome, glad I put something together that merited a linkback!

@zak1221: To get firefox and crome to work you have to edit the skin via the txt file, find this line for the appropriate slot (ordered left to right, top to bottom)

LeftMouseDownAction=!Execute ["full path to exe goes here"][!RainmeterRedraw]#hideall1#[!

@santa_ryan: sorry bout that, my bad. Should have put that in the description.

Tue, Jan 17th at 06:09am (6 years ago)
Trekkie21 says:

How do I get the chronophage, date, and time skins to work? I try to load them and it says they don't have meters and will be deactivated, and that the file may be damaged or not a valid skin.

Thu, Mar 1st at 01:56pm (5 years ago)

I don't know how to remove those icons in games and programs and also in internet and office , i'm pretty new to this and a detailed explanation would be nice.

Tue, Jul 10th at 03:48pm (5 years ago)

Totally diggin' the layout. How did you get the "Year Month Week Day" thing tracked out/spaced out like that? Is it the font that you used or did you edit the skin? I really wanna know cuz it looks slicker your way :)

Thanks in advance!

Tue, Apr 16th at 09:56am (4 years ago)
wr2champ says:

How do I change the weather location? I dont understand the instructions in ToxxWeather.ini. How do I get the right URL, and where do I need to paste it?
I am from Germany.

Sun, Nov 10th at 07:31am (4 years ago)

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Created by zngga
on March 10th, 2011


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