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Rainmeter Skins / Steam Pack v1.6

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Artist's Note

I present to you v1.6 (beta) of my rainmeter Steam Pack. It has been totally rewired, allowing you to choose your region, and several other parameters detailed below. All parameters are adjustable using the variables section inside the skin ini file.

I have not done extensive testing, so please report any bugs you encounter. I do know that they work and you can select your region fine.

Steam Headlines:
Brings the latest headlines straight from the Steam headline page to your desktop. Know at a glance if there is a client update or steam blog, plus much more. Different categories of headlines can be color coded.

Active links:
Skin title > News page in Steam

Steam Specials:
Lists all currently running Steam specials so you can get the jump on the best deals. Displays the current price and its sale savings. Data provided by .

Active Links:
Skin title > Default browser with unique store page listing all specials
Game title > Store page in Steam (broken, will fix shortly)
Game price > Google search for game title

Steam Price Tracker:
Notifies you of all the recent price changes of all steam games. Know instantly when that game you've been waiting for has dropped in price. Data provided by .

Active links:
Game title > store page in Steam.
Price > Google search for the game title.
Skin title > SteamPrices.com main page.

Included are three versions of each skin:

Flexible: Simple and super flexible. Basically every aspect of the sizing and arrangement of the skin is customizable from the variables section. The text will move to fit most of the changes you make. Options include number of items (Max 14), space between items, border size, and many more.

Illustro 12 and 8: Themed to illustro by poiru. All the same info to match this awesome suite. Two sizes to give you the option of how much screen room to use. Background images were adapted from his theme and used with permission.

All skins have tooltips containing various additional info about the game on mouseover.

Any feedback, good or bad, is welcomed.


Licensing: the artist has specified that ports and mods are allowed.

Comments (11)

Sooner266 says:

Steam just changed the coding of their pages, breaking the specials skin. I'll update it later today.

Mon, Mar 7th at 05:29pm (6 years ago)
Sooner266 says:

Nevermind, the skin should still work fine. Was confusing my parsers. :P

Mon, Mar 7th at 07:36pm (6 years ago)
vidar5 says:

I don't really know enough to change aesthetics myself so a more aesthetically pleasing option would be good

Tue, Apr 19th at 01:25am (6 years ago)

I would love to have it working with ?cc=de :)
Can you tell when you make an update that supports it?

Also, if you need help with something of the german stuff, i'm willing to help you out ;)

Btw, the Steam Specials already work with ?cc=de :D

Great pack!

Thu, Apr 28th at 12:33am (6 years ago)
Targaff says:

Looking forward to 1.6! In the meantime, anyone wanting to fix the specials can do so by changing (.*)[/div]) at the end of the GET line - line 50 in the 1.5 ini - to .*>(.*)[/a][/div])

Wed, May 11th at 02:43am (6 years ago)
Targaff says:

gah... stupid comment thingy ;p

Wed, May 11th at 02:44am (6 years ago)
maxxm says:

Having a problem,

can't figure out how to fix it, looks to me like its having trouble getting the old price.

Thu, May 19th at 09:26am (6 years ago)
maxxm says:

P.S. tried what Targaff said to do, but had no luck

Thu, May 19th at 09:31am (6 years ago)
Sooner266 says:

Wow, really sorry people, this site really needs notifications :P
The Specials skin should be fixed now.

And I'll see what I can do about the de region thing. I have a couple ideas of how to fix it.

Wed, Jun 1st at 07:24pm (6 years ago)
CountBale says:

I dont know if this is the right place to ask but would it be possible to get a version of this that will get the price in pounds? I may just be being a moron here...

Thu, Oct 13th at 05:52pm (6 years ago)
Sooner266 says:

Pound is UK, correct? Find the line in the file that starts with URL and add ?cc=uk to the end of it. Refresh and you should see pounds.

I'm just about to release 1.6 sometime this weekend. Unfortunately, I still haven't been able to fix the DE region problem. I'll keep trying...

Fri, Oct 21st at 09:40pm (6 years ago)

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Created by Sooner266
on March 7th, 2011


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