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Artist's Note

Based roughly on the Arcs skin, in idea.

The screenshot shows a customization for my PC, which has four connected drives. By default, only the C drive is written into the skin.

-The innermost arcs show hours, minutes and seconds (green).
-The downward pink arcs show CPU (inside) and RAM (outside)
-The upward pink arcs are Net IN and OUT (inside and outside, respectively)
-Update: There is a laptop version as well, which displays CPU temperature and battery life in the same rung as CPU/RAM and Net IN/OUT.
-The following green arcs are month (inside, skinny) and day (outside, fat)
-The skinny blue arc is song progress.
-Finally, you have the drive, on the outside, fully-encircling pink arc.

The other skin will write the date as such: "DD Month, YYYY (Day of week)"
This skin features a small shadow to help its readability.

Both skins will change from light to dark, and back to light by middle-clicking them.

Licensing: the artist has specified that ports and mods are allowed.

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meh, id say mediocre at best. its just a redesigned arc that looks almost no different from the original
5/10 for effort

Sun, Oct 10th at 09:40am (7 years ago)
bbrd83 says:

Thanks for the input. Remember that this is simply a modification of an existing skin which makes the displayed data more readable, and may suit some people better. I'm not going for skin of the month here.

Mon, Oct 11th at 12:18pm (7 years ago)

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Created by bbrd83
on October 8th, 2010

78412 This work is a modification of Black Arcs Sparse by Q-PiD MaNiA.


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