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Rainmeter Skins / Total Control Skin Package 4.5

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Artist's Note


Check It! - A set of system monitoring skins
-HDD 1-3
--Cores 1-12
--GPU Temp Monitor

Clock It! - A 24 hour clock.
-Curved background

Dock It! A RocketDock/ObjectDock Conversion
-Horizontal & Vertical dock.
-Auto Resizing
-Background Support
--Includes basic background docks and separators
---Find More:
-Separator Image Support
-Icon MouseOver Effect
-ToolTips on Mouse Over
-Running App Indicator
--Self Updates filenames using Lua
---Intelligent design to prevent infinite loop
-Tools to manage system with the dock.
--Notification Bar popup tool
--Taskbar hide tool
--Running Process check tool
--Running Tasks / Task Manager popup tool
--End processes by middle clicking twice on icon

Play It! A Set of sophisticated iTunes and WMP controllers.
-Enigma WMP Conversion
-WMP Play It! A Sophisticated WMP Media Controller
--Requires Song Information Plugin (Included)
-iTunes Play It! A Sophisticated iTunes Media Controller

Qoute It! skin
-displays qoutes

*Update Log*
Added the Check It! Bars for Power, CPU Usage, CPU Temp, 3 HDD Usage Monitors, RAM Usage, and Page File Usage.
Removed spacers from Dock It!. Please set them up yourself.
Added a few new variables needed for Check It! Skins

updated the skin version numbers.
Updated .rmskin contents.

Fixed Accuracy issue with Check It! Skins.
HDD Skins will now properly use accuracy

Reworded CPU Temp sub section of Check It! Section in the Settings.inc
Included CPU Temp Help File (Very Useful Please Read)
Added ability to selectively choose which status labels to put under bars in Check It! skins

Removed Help Files (obsolete)
Added Vertical Dock
Greatly improved Dock Management and added features
-Fixed apps not loading
-Enable/Disable apps and spacers within settings.inc
-Background image support (includes starter dock images)
-Separator image support (includes separators matching dock images)
-Dock Auto Resizes
-Enable/Disable Border
Greatly improved WMP Play It! Skin
-Mouseover reveals controls
-Added ratings
-Added song popup when viewing controls after clicking previous/next button
-Added "Open File" ability (very buggy - Disabled by default - Enable from within the skin)
-Added ability to switch sound playback device (Windows Vista/7 Only)
Removed Swap skin in favor of Page File skin (same functionality - duplicate skins)
Fixed line color problem with Page File skin

Fixed InputPlugin problem
Added a variable in the settings.inc for a new feature coming next release. (;

4.0.2 - A Minor Release
Added tooltips for the dock at the request of EightyDee
Working on very special abilities for the dock...

Indicators added to Dock It! skins
Cleaned up code in the Dock It! Skins
Continuing work on special abilities

More code cleaned up
MouseOver effect added
High RAM usage with dock fixed

Added features to iTunes media player
-Select default display mode
-Controls now show on mouseover
Selectively turn on and off temperature monitoring on the CPU Check It! Skin
Added background for Clock It!
Added Qoute It! skin

Added Cores 1-12 for Check It! CPU Skin
Added GPU Temp Monitor for Check It! CPU Skin
Made SpeedFan CPU variant
Cleaned up some code

Cleaned up more code
Added Vertical Cores 1-12
Added Page File Ver. Variant

ToDo List:
Merge AlarmIt! with ClockIt!
MailIt! (Gmail)
FeedIt! (RSS)
ControlIt! (Control Panel)
Much much more...

Please Email Me At for any comments or questions!

Licensing: the artist has specified that ports and mods are allowed.

Comments (80)

Berkalp says:

can u send me this skin's wallpaper???

Wed, Oct 6th at 03:36pm (7 years ago)

this is ace where did you get the wallpaper

Wed, Oct 6th at 03:59pm (7 years ago)

J_Houghton, I uploaded the wallpaper

Thu, Oct 7th at 10:18pm (7 years ago)

Cheers fella :)

Sun, Oct 10th at 04:46am (7 years ago)
Lorek says:

It doesn't work for me :(
It says it couldn't bound with it.

Wed, Oct 13th at 08:15am (7 years ago)
Lorek says:

Nevermind, Got it :)

Wed, Oct 13th at 08:17am (7 years ago)

Lorek, mind posting exactly what it couldnt bind with?
It might be a problem with the skin and how its setup.

Wed, Oct 13th at 07:02pm (7 years ago)
Lorek says:

Nothing can bind with the dock, I downloaded the Lucid icons and change the icons to them and still doesn't work. Or I'm just retarded and don't understand. Is a newfag :(

Wed, Oct 13th at 08:52pm (7 years ago)

in the Settings.inc in the base folder (Total Control) folder, there is a setting titled

Change this to a 0 and type the FULL path INCLUDING QOUTES
E.G. "C:\Documents and Settings\Ryan\My Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\Enigma\Resourc

Change this to a 1 if your placing the icons inside the Total Control\Dock It!\Icons folder

If it is a 1, then you just need to the name of the icon that is in the icon folder, including any folders

E.G. wmplayer.png, iexplorer.png

Or in your case with Lucid Icons
E.G. Lucid Black\documents.png

Sun, Oct 17th at 04:10am (7 years ago)
iono0000 says:

that background is mad

Sun, Oct 24th at 10:54am (7 years ago)

Hey, I love this dock. Its' really good.
But for some reason I can't get the dock's position to anything other than 'bottom'. I want it 'on desktop', but it just won't go. Do you have a elution to this? 8D
Thank you.

Wed, Nov 10th at 12:00am (7 years ago)

@Double Dot

Your issue may be because of a line in the Dock It!.ini
Open the file under Total control\Dock It!\
Scroll down to [Background]
or search for it

Delete the line
MouseOverAction=!execute [!RainmeterZPos -1][!RainmeterRedraw]

Im not sure if this is what is causing it
but it might be.
It might just be your rainmeter.ini is corrupted and isnt being written to properly.

Wed, Nov 17th at 05:43pm (7 years ago)
Obe4ken says:

I can't get the dock to show up. I followed your directions to the letter, but when I tell rainmeter to load the skin, nothing happens. It says it's loaded, but I can't see anything. I have it set to 6 apps and I have filled the spaces for apps 1-6. The only thing I can think of is that I have Documents and Downloads there, but they aren't actually applications, they're just filepaths that end suddenly. Could that be it? If so, how do I write them correctly?

Thu, Nov 18th at 08:05pm (7 years ago)
Obe4ken says:

Also, when I try to use the itunes play it, i get this error message and rainmeter stops responding. Unkown !bang: RainmeterShowMeterGroup

Thu, Nov 18th at 08:07pm (7 years ago)
Obe4ken says:

And one more thing. The HDD meter doesn't work for me. The only settings I've changed is accuracy (to 1), but when I load the skins for any drive, it just says it 0% free.

Thu, Nov 18th at 08:12pm (7 years ago)

Are you updated to the latest rainmeter?

Fri, Nov 19th at 04:50pm (7 years ago)
Obe4ken says:

I updated and that fixed the problem with iTunes, but the HDD meter and dock still don't work.

Fri, Nov 19th at 07:41pm (7 years ago)

Ok, ill look into it.
The HDD Meter might not accept the accuracy set to 1. (It should but...... thats assumption)

And for the dock, do you have qoutes? you MUST include qoutes around the path (includes programs AND folders)

If UseIconFolder=1 then your icons that your using MUST be within the Total Control\Dock It!\Icons\ Folder with just the name of the icon WITHOUT qoutes

And if UseIconFolder=0 then type the full path to the icon WITH qoutes.

Sat, Nov 20th at 03:29am (7 years ago)

I fixed the accuracy issue and changed it to allow independent accuracy changes for each HDD Skin.
Thank you for your feedback.


Fixed Accuracy issue with Check It! Skins.
HDD Skins will now properly use accuracy

Sat, Nov 20th at 03:49am (7 years ago)
Obe4ken says:

I figured out what the problem is. I didn't know that notepad could open .inc files, so I've been changing the settings.inc to settings.ini. I reinstalled the skin and didn't change it and it worked fine. All my problems are solved. Thanks for the help. :D

Sat, Nov 20th at 12:50pm (7 years ago)

Thank you for your feedback and quick responses.

FYI, Notepad can open ANY file (including exes, of course its just jibberish)

the file extension does not matter in any way. What matters is the contents and the format of the file. In this case its just a normal .txt file renamed to .inc

just like an .ini is just a .txt renamed

Changing the file extension just adds a bit of order to the system structure.
Just as .ini are system files and .log are log files
i named it settings.inc because an @include is typically used to import settings. where .inc means include. (While its not set in stone, its typically what you see in the rainmeter world)

Sat, Nov 20th at 05:15pm (7 years ago)

I just downloaded your Rainmeter skin. I am able to get the icons to display properly, but despite the fact I have the path for my installed applications in quotes, the applications will not launch when I click on any of the launchbar icons.

Tue, Nov 23rd at 04:51pm (7 years ago)

grr... :/

Ok, here are examples for how it should look
Please note UseIconsFolder is enabled (=1)

App1="C:\Documents and Settings\Ryan\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.ex
e" --new-wrench-menu



App4="C:\Program Files\Pidgin\Pidgin.exe"


Thu, Nov 25th at 01:04am (7 years ago)

Paths to folders also work as well

App8="C:\Documents and Settings\Ryan Claus\My Documents\Documents\"



Thu, Nov 25th at 01:05am (7 years ago)

For the dock I got the paths to folders to work but I can't seem to get the paths to applications to work. Only firefox works and that's because I got it from you. I can't get heroes of newerth, skype or aim to work. I tried different ways with the examples you presented.

Tue, Nov 30th at 08:22pm (7 years ago)
Mikey1022 says:

I'm in the same boat as fatgiantmonkey.
Although my apps are different...

App10="C:\Program Files\TweetDeck\TweetDeck.exe"
Icon10=twitter bird.png

App11="C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger\YahooMessenger.ex

App12="F:\Android\Android Commander\Android Commander\AndroidCommander.exe"

How do we know which apps can be similar to Ex: Firefox.exe??

Tue, Dec 7th at 07:36pm (7 years ago)
nebo says:

I have been having problem with programs that contain spaces in the file location string. I had a folder I wanted to link to and by removing the subfolders until I the folder that had a space was removed allowed the link to work. Is there a code (like %20) that we can use in place of spaces?

Tue, Dec 21st at 08:40pm (6 years ago)

You can look at the rainmeter help guides or go on IRC and ask there.

But, you should be able to put qoutes around the entire string (excluding parameters, which are supposed to be outside of the qoutes) and it should parse properly.

Wed, Dec 22nd at 10:23pm (6 years ago)

hi i m not able to use dock..... i have added icon names bt how should i add apps ..... its not opening anything on clicking dock items..... plz help

Fri, Dec 24th at 10:13am (6 years ago)

any way to get this in color, not just black and white? i already have it setup and all just tell me what i need to change for colors so i dont mess the whole thing up ahha

Thu, Jan 6th at 05:22pm (6 years ago)


These are the lines that control color.
They need to be in RGBA format. (Red Green Blue Alpha) Google a color picker for RGB


Fri, Jan 7th at 06:00pm (6 years ago)

I am having the same issue of some apps opening and others not. So I did an experiment.

App 8 is setup for notepad, and I have my path to notepad in the App 8 area. It open fine when I click it.

So I copied the path and icon and everything exactly like App 8, and put it in App 10 also. Now both the notepad icons show up, but only 8 actually opens the app. When I click on the notepad in App 10, it doesn't do anything.

I double checked my paths, they are all right. And now that I have confirmed that the exact same path works in one App area, but not another, I don't believe it is an issue with a wrong path.

Any idea what may be causing this?

Fri, Jan 14th at 08:42pm (6 years ago)

uhh ok so I fixed it... but it is kind of a weird fix, not sure how I decided to try this or even why it works, but it did.

For apps that wont open when you click on them, take the " off the end of the path... ex:

App6="D:\Program Files (x86)\Pidgin\pidgin.exe

notice how I left the " off the end... well that made it work.

the only issue I have now, is that the one App10, won't open anything still. i have copied other paths that work into it and every App works except for App10. The " trick didn't work on that one, so I don't know what will, but I'll keep trying...

Fri, Jan 14th at 09:02pm (6 years ago)

ok well I got that one to work too in a weird way....

go into Dock It!.ini in notepad and do this...

- go down to the Apps section

- copy

LeftMouseUpAction=!execute [#App1#]

- go down to

LeftMouseUpAction=!execute [#App10#]

and highlight it all then paste over it. So now it will have the same thing as App1.

- Backspace over all the 1's so there are no numbers. (When I just added a 0 it didn't work for me so just erase all the 1's)

- type 10 where all the 1's were.

- now delete this line from App10


- Save it, and refresh.

That fixed it for me.

Fri, Jan 14th at 09:10pm (6 years ago)

Ight... Sorry i havent been doing anything and helping u guys.

Ive been bogged down with school... Sophmore ftw!

Anyway Ill be working on this nonstop. Theres a LOT that i want to do with this, and i had a lot of things to add and update, but when i formatted my drive, the backup i had of the skin got corrupted...

Ill be updating this in about a week. Ill fix all of these issues.

Tue, Jan 18th at 10:10pm (6 years ago)
eightydee says:

Hello, Awesome skin! Everything is up and running perfectly!

One thing, I was wondering how to put the Dock it! vertical?

Thanks for this awesome skin! I don't like using Rocketdock or any other dock.

Thu, Feb 10th at 05:20pm (6 years ago)

lol... ill configure a vertical dock for u eighty, i need to change a few equations and things for it to be vertical

Thu, Feb 10th at 10:39pm (6 years ago)

Okay New Release, added Vertical dock and fixed problems with applications not loading from dock.

Also added improvements to the WMP skin.

Sat, Feb 12th at 04:18pm (6 years ago)
eightydee says:

Awesome dude, Thanks!

Yea, I was getting sick of Rocketdock failing all the time and have to "pay" for Object Dock to get the two docks.

Beautiful, just beautiful. Thanks again dude!

Sun, Feb 20th at 03:53pm (6 years ago)
eightydee says:

Alright, It's pretty much just configuring DockIt! v1 which after it clicks in your head how it works, it's pretty cake job.

I was wondering, how could one implement a "tool tip" message to pop up over an icon in DockIt!? Like in my uTorrent skin, when you mouse over the "u", it says "Left-Click to open utorrent". Would that be possible?

I have an icon set up for my virtual machine and sometimes I forget it's link to VM and thinking it's to my other HDD.

Sun, Feb 20th at 04:14pm (6 years ago)

It would be very easy eighty.

ill implement it in a minor release. (Which should be tomorrow).

Right now im working on App Parameter editing and dock effects.

Sun, Feb 20th at 06:04pm (6 years ago)

Sooner then i thought. I had time to work on it



Sun, Feb 20th at 11:14pm (6 years ago)
eightydee says:

Wow! Thank you! And so quickly too! =) I feel like I should buy you a beer or something.

If I have an other idea, I'll be sure to tell you haha.

Thanks again! Keep up the amazing work!

Wed, Feb 23rd at 12:32am (6 years ago)
eightydee says:

One more thing. What Window 7 theme are you using? Currently, I'm using some black transparent one which isn't as good as it sounds.

Wed, Feb 23rd at 12:34am (6 years ago)

Its called QS Counter Elements.

You'll need to patch the theme files if you haven't already. However, I'm going to assume you have.

Wed, Feb 23rd at 11:52am (6 years ago)
eightydee says:

Awesome, Thank you!

Yea, lol I already had them patched. Sweet little theme. =) I figured since you shared that, I'd share this site:

iTunes skins! If you haven't already.

One thing I noticed about the tool tips with the horizontal dock is that the tool tips seem to be "stuck" and like to follow my mouse around lol. I'll try and get a pic uploaded to show you. I'm currently going to up load a screenshot of my desktop.

Thu, Feb 24th at 01:26pm (6 years ago)
eightydee says:

Alright, I uploaded a screenshot of what I accomplished with your dock. I made a few dups of your dock to create a separate dock. Also modified it a little bit to make them smaller and such.

Check it =)

Thu, Feb 24th at 01:38pm (6 years ago)

What features would u like next?
Do you like Icon effects like zoom, glow, and "float"

Thats what im trying to do right now but its difficult and was wondering if it would be worth my time to do them...

Thank you for the itunes 10 skin links. I REALLY needed a skin for itunes 10 and i thought you couldnt skin past itunes 7.

Thirdly that desktop looks absolutely amazing. Im guessing you use dual monitor at that kind of resolution.
Also, if you want a dock background image i can get you a wood grain one. I have a few actually.

Thu, Feb 24th at 03:37pm (6 years ago)
eightydee says:

Actually now that you speak of it. A glow one would be pretty awesome. And/or perhaps a indicator like the one on Rocketdock, to show that the app is open.

I bet they are very difficult to create. Must take a lot of patience. Something I do not have lol.

As for backgrounds go, I personally prefer a non background to kind of blend in with the wallpaper.

Thu, Feb 24th at 07:17pm (6 years ago)

Alrighty. The glow is actually the easiest xP

Hover requires dynamically counting up and then counting down on mouseleave.

Zoom requires changing the y axis on everything to move the entire dock and apps down while the image is sized up. then do it backwards on mouseleave.

The indicator wont be hard to do. I just do a web parse on the settings file and parse the executable out of the filename.

Thu, Feb 24th at 11:39pm (6 years ago)
eightydee says:

Ahhh.. Yea! I completely understand all of that... lol What language do you use? I can understand a few things but that's it.

I can't wait to see the finished product! =)

Fri, Feb 25th at 10:51am (6 years ago)

Im learning C and Lua

the indicator will have to be done with Lua and same with all of the effects. Glow however can be done with an easy mouseover action and just put a fuzzy image in the background.

Fri, Feb 25th at 03:10pm (6 years ago)

Ok, so ive made the filename parser... now just how to check if a program is running. Im having no luck with the perfmon.dll in rainmeter as it appears not to support taking a Measure in PerfMonInstance= which would allow me to check if a program is running.

Sat, Feb 26th at 02:43am (6 years ago)
eightydee says:

Hmm.. Well, it's no big deal for the indicator. I really appreciate your work! =)

What do you do to create these? Just knowledge and notepad? Or a program generates this for you? Or both? When I look at these, it sorta makes sense but designing it seems to me like a huge mind fuck.

I'm thinking about creating something tonight as my girlfriends out. I love doing stuff in Photoshop. Any ideas? That you haven't already done... =)

Sat, Feb 26th at 03:59pm (6 years ago)
eightydee says:

Well, actually I've been working on a Google Chrome theme which is nothing special but the background is gray with a nice picture of a females rear end. I'll send you the link. Looking for input on it.

Sat, Feb 26th at 04:18pm (6 years ago)

lol, ive made my chrome theme from scratch. Completely Aero including slightly transparent tabs, that goes REALLY well with my W7 theme. (=

2, use Notepad++ its the EASIEST way to do it. After that you need the rainlexer for notepad++

It highlights the different parts of the skin so its easier to read.

3. Just take apart some skins, and look at them. After that do some simple stuff.. Hell, make a skin that says Hello World! on your desktop XD

Sat, Feb 26th at 09:28pm (6 years ago)
eightydee says:

Hehe yea, I've been working on my Windows 7 theme. After seeing that theme you mentioned, and after getting a little "cocky" with my explorer.exe, I lost all my Windows 7 theme but luckily I do back-ups with WinZip to my FTP server and I got a few things back.

Hows the updates coming on Total Control v4.0.3? Need any more ideas? =)

Sat, Mar 5th at 04:40pm (6 years ago)
eightydee says:

Also, I've been looking for a Task Manager skin either to show and the ability to kill a process from from the desktop or I suppose I could create a shortcut with Dock It! Still would be cool to have a task manager skin.... *hint hint*

Sat, Mar 5th at 04:45pm (6 years ago)

Lol, thats a bit more complicated.
Im can do a notifications now, but it would require a variable (UpdateOnRefresh) that tells the dock to update the currently known app executables, because unfotunately plugins dont work with dynamic variables so i cant tell if a app is running or not.
The only other way is to run an autoit script (already made) that would update the skin if an app is running, but that requires resouces, and also makes your mouse a constant "Working" icon. :/

As for the taskmanager skin, that gets complicated. Though in the next release there will be a tool that allows you to click on an icon that its set for and it will popup a menu that allows you to manipulate programs (Killing them in your case)

Then for updates, I'm working on the special effects and included 4 tools that will help you manage the system from the dock.

The tools are an Open Process Checker (Not to be run contantly), a tool to open the start menu where your mouse is (Open start menu from dock), Notification area popup where your mouse is (Check system tray from dock), and the tasklist app mentioned previously.

Sun, Mar 6th at 12:48am (6 years ago)
eightydee says:

Hmm, Ha alright. I got one more idea. Kind of hit me last night when I was moving my shortcuts to a folder in Docs. Like Rocketdock with the "StackDocklet" where you click and it displays whatever is in the folder you chose for that docklet. Like OSX dock? Which I took a peek inside the StackDocklet DLL add-on for RD and It's quite confusing. :/ If it's logical to put together. No worries if not. =) Keep up the good work!

Sun, Mar 6th at 04:12pm (6 years ago)

Uhm, I could possibly do that with folders, but ill need someway to determine if its a folder. Then from there its just a matter of using a plugin from rainmeter that displays the contents of a folder. However, you wont be able to click on any of the items (I think)

Mon, Mar 7th at 03:41pm (6 years ago)

Nvm, didn't fully understand the plugin i was referring to. There's no way at the current moment to list the current "objects" in a folder. Only their size and how many are currently in the folder but not the filenames themselves.

Wed, Mar 9th at 03:44pm (6 years ago)

Eighty, would you like the ability to replace the icons with useful system information E.G a clock for an "icon", a "System Task Manager" Icon that shows current processes, top process and when clicked opens Task Manager, and a few more. I'd have to think about how it would work but i think i can do it

Wed, Mar 9th at 03:48pm (6 years ago)
eightydee says:

Yea! That sounds cool! I just downloaded your updated skin on my netbook. Still need to mess around a bit more. =)

Do you think you can achieve the "folders"? If you can, I think that'll make your skin a RocketDock killer. Next, would have to be dual docks instead of copying and creating a new skin. Which only take a few mins. Or recycle bin? Any word on the "glowing" mouse over effect?

Sat, Mar 12th at 08:50pm (6 years ago)

I dont think i can do the fly out menus for the icons or if i can it would be intense lua scripting which... isnt good as the current dock as it is now is running at 20 meg just for itself... which is ridiculous. Im going to be cleaning up the skin and code so it will reduce its resource use but still... Its way to high.

Next, recycle bin on the dock, or just a recycle bin skin? On the dock it would be very easy. Just add it to the very right hand side, and if its enabled it shows up and acts as a last icon on the dock.

the "Glowing" effect is just me needing to add a "MouseOver" command that enables a background image.

Sun, Mar 13th at 12:05am (6 years ago)


My next release will probably take a while. Im doing a major overhaul on how the dock works. When I'm done, the customization of the dock will much much more flexible then it already is. Im adding the ability to add "System Docklets" and be able to position them variably. The dock will also be much easier to manage and will only have 1 dock ini and you switch the orientation from within the ini.

Wed, Mar 16th at 06:40pm (6 years ago)

Nevermind, it will have 2 different inis, but it will be much easier to configure.

Also, the format of how the "Docklets" work is so easy, you can easily make one yourself and just "Plug" it in and make it work. At the current moment there will be only 6 docklets at one time, but in the future there will be many more. And if you don't want to wait you can easily change the dock ini to add another docklet.

Wed, Mar 16th at 06:55pm (6 years ago)

Ok, nvm ill do that later. I have basic funtionality done, but it's not easy for me to work with. I also have a problem with the shuffling of the docklets.

If you want just the docklets i can do that, but until i can get my calcs sorted out, its gotta stay with just adding the system docklets to the end.

Thu, Mar 17th at 03:14am (6 years ago)

High RAM usage has now been fixed.

Mon, Mar 21st at 07:01pm (6 years ago)

MouseOver Effect Added.

Finishing up basic docklet support

Mon, Mar 21st at 11:56pm (6 years ago)
eightydee says:

Hey man, Downloaded the new version which is amazing! Changed the indicator icon and the hover effect to match my icons. Also, love the shortcuts! Answered my prayer about the task manager. :)

Thu, May 12th at 05:03pm (6 years ago)

You need anything else? Im bored and its almost summer... xP

Fri, May 13th at 10:45pm (6 years ago)
eightydee says:

Hehe! Umm.. Seriously, you pretty much nailed everything that I wanted. The only thing I can think of is a net monitor to go with your CheckIt! Also a GPU monitor but I think that needs SpeedFan instead of CoreTemp. But that's pretty much all I can think of man. :/ Good effin work!

Wed, May 18th at 12:18pm (6 years ago)

Ill make variants for the cpu. and ill make a net monitor for both upload and download.

Im switching to speedfan anyway. Its a much more useful program then coretemp in my eyes.

Also on my list is a Overheat warning indicator that will automatically shutdown the system. It wont be hard for me to do it either. I made one previously, but deleted it on accident, and never had time to make a new one.

Wed, May 18th at 05:14pm (6 years ago)

Alright, im now working on WeatherIt!, TweetIt!, FacebookIt!, a GmailIt!, SearchIt!, TorrentIt!, and a few others (;

Thu, May 19th at 11:57pm (6 years ago)

Im thinking about adding tab support, and expanding the 12 icons, into about 36 icons.
Then also adding a:
"System Control" tab - Volume, networking, tray notifications, task manager
"Control Panel" tab - Access to commonly used control panel items
"Power" tab - Lock Station, Log Off, Hibernate, Sleep, Restart, Shutdown
"Widget" tab - a customizable zone of "Widgets" that are predefined in Maximum size and scalable, that will allow extended features to be added by end users without to much work.

So 7 tabs in total. 3 "App" tabs, plus the other 4 specialized tabs.
Would this be good?
Im open to suggestion.

Thu, May 26th at 03:51pm (6 years ago)
jpleite says:

This looks amazing!
Is there any way to make the images get to become larger when you pass the mouse over them?

Tue, Jan 31st at 08:07pm (5 years ago)
jpleite says:

Btw, I can only get the first shortcut from the dock to work

Thu, Feb 2nd at 02:37pm (5 years ago)
ziller89 says:

The Tool section is a LIE ! =.=""
how to install?

Sat, Feb 4th at 08:19am (5 years ago)
Exodiaa says:

The link to the wallpaper says that it is deleted. could you please re-upload it. that would really b awesome.

Thu, Mar 8th at 09:54am (5 years ago)

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Created by santa_ryan
on October 6th, 2010


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