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Artist's Note

This is my first time uploading a skin, so I probably messed up. Someone asked me to upload it for them. It's a collection of a few different skins.

Comments (14)

akhokhar says:

whats the link for your wallpaper?

Tue, Sep 14th at 06:39pm (7 years ago)
Uirapuru says:

you HAVE to display the link for that super awesome compass! o/

=P thanks

Tue, Sep 14th at 11:02pm (7 years ago)

The wallpaper should be in the file.

Tue, Sep 14th at 11:34pm (7 years ago)
Uirapuru says:

pffff oh yeah DUUH

I thought it was a screenshot! XD

Forget it...

Tue, Sep 14th at 11:43pm (7 years ago)
snake614 says:

why it say "No such StringStyle: #Style#" &
"Your configuratoin file doesn't contain any meters!
Your skni's ini-file might be out of date"
when i use it?? LOL

Sat, Sep 18th at 08:50pm (7 years ago)
spacekees says:

this skin requires another skin to be installed:

after you install this skin you wil be able to use both

Wed, Sep 22nd at 05:47am (7 years ago)
snake614 says:

thanks a lot.

Sat, Sep 25th at 10:18am (7 years ago)
weston93 says:

Alright, let me set the scene
- I download the skin
- I extract the skin
- I notice you changed the icon of the folder, which i thought was rather cute
- I double click on the folder
- Every single icon on my computer, erased, including icons for my pictures/music/videos.

So when you said "so i probably messed up", you were damn right buddy

Mon, Sep 27th at 04:53am (7 years ago)
feramoo says:

You should probably give the original artist some credit for that wallpaper. If not at least dont scratch out the name that was on it.
I'll give credit to the artist since Constituent won't.
The wallpaper was made by Gucken on deviant art a few years back.
heres a link

Mon, Nov 15th at 04:48pm (7 years ago)
flabio4 says:

.(for the wallpaper)

Thu, Dec 23rd at 04:51am (7 years ago)
SimonSan says:

Where can I find the compass thingie you've got up in the top-right corner? C:

Thu, Jan 27th at 09:09am (6 years ago)
rob112582 says:

all i want from this whole thing is your calendar or one like it. i dl'd this fiel but nothing works in it

Thu, Dec 15th at 02:43am (6 years ago)
judazoats says:


Sun, Jun 3rd at 10:50am (5 years ago)
feizy_11 says:


Mon, Mar 25th at 07:10am (4 years ago)

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Created by Constituent
on September 14th, 2010


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