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Artist's Note

Persona 4 skin for Rainmeter.

I made this quite a while back, and figured I'd fix it up and upload it, the .zip includes:

RainbowHud: This is the time and date in the top right corner, I couldn't get the weather code working so instead I changed that part to a clock, the text changes from Nighttime, Early Morning, Morning, Lunchtime, Afternoon, After School and Evening, depending on the time.
Since I'm from Scotland the format is Day/Month, to change this, just open the .ini and near the bottom in [MeterDate], change Text="%1/%2" to Text="%2/%1"

Boxhud: This is where the locations would be in the game's HUD, here I've changed it to display iTunes information, song title, album, artist and progress.

RecyclerHud: This is the loading graphic, repurposed into a recycle bin, the card will glow yellow whenever there is something in the recycle bin.

HealthHud: This is the HP/SP display within battles. Here there are a few different things to display.
CPURam - Health is CPU usage, SP is Ram usage
DriveSpace- Health is the amount of space left in the C drive, SP is total space
Battery- Health is the lifetime of the battery (when plugged in, this will read 99:59), SP is the percentage of the battery.
Drive&Battery- Simply combines the previous two, Health is the amount of space left in the C drive, SP is the percentage of the battery.

All of these are defaulted to Souji, to change the character, open the .ini and in the [Variables] section, change the variable Char to whomever you want, the possible options are 'Souji', 'Yosuke', 'Chie', 'Yukiko', 'Kanji', 'Teddie' and 'Naoto'.

Feel free to request more features! I was racking my brain over functions for the health, so any other suggestions would be great. I've also included the .psd's I used to create the graphics, feel free to use these however you want.

Licensing: the artist has specified that ports and mods are allowed.

Comments (7)

MAMUUY says:

:d wow im a big p4 fan.... but i dont know how to apply this one... can you teach me how ???? xD

send me a message here...

thx thx in advance..........

Tue, Aug 10th at 12:48am (7 years ago)

wow cool,,
nice work,ty!!

Wed, Aug 11th at 02:23am (7 years ago)

This is an awesome skin, but same as MAMUUY I can't load it either. I extracted then put it in my skins folder, but no luck. Email me at so i can put this bad boy on.

Mon, Sep 13th at 03:07pm (7 years ago)
ymuslihah says:

How to use this? Help, please (:

Wed, Feb 23rd at 05:09am (6 years ago)
lacusness says:

Is there any way to check the recycle bin's content from your recyclerhud?

Sat, Dec 3rd at 02:38am (6 years ago)
Kazehaya says:

I'm Very Like P4
Can I Know How to Use it ?
Helppp Mee!

Tue, Jan 10th at 03:57am (5 years ago)

Hey could you possibly do the network with download being health and upload being sp

Wed, Aug 22nd at 03:29am (5 years ago)

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Created by Psycosis
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