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Rainmeter Skins / Black and white tie

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Artist's Note

With the color changing wallpaper can also be seen Skins.
Best with the 1920X1080 resolution, because each of Skins are also great.

Licensing: the artist has specified that ports are allowed.

Comments (19)

tewrqazbn says:

what's the font you use?

Wed, Jun 23rd at 04:33am (7 years ago)

hot! :D love it

Tue, Jul 6th at 04:08am (7 years ago)
NoLaScO says:

Wow thats the real pic look a like...

Fri, Jul 9th at 04:24am (7 years ago)


Wed, Aug 11th at 10:27am (7 years ago)

the second font for the weather is not working for me. any suggestions?

Sun, Sep 5th at 02:51pm (7 years ago)
rebacca says:

cause when im on mozilla *on youtube* the youtube sign does not show

Mon, Dec 20th at 12:04am (7 years ago)
rebacca says:

it doesn't matter which rainmeter skin i am using..the date is always march 28. i dont know how to fix this please help. thank you :

Wed, Dec 22nd at 11:26pm (7 years ago)
rebacca says:

Okay, so i use rainmeter and i got rid of my task bar, my problem is i rely on rainmeter for the time. When i have other windows covering the clock, this becomes very inconvenient.

Thu, Dec 23rd at 03:00am (7 years ago)
alxtom says:

Nice to meet you. Share more. Waiting for next. Thanks

Thu, Feb 24th at 02:38am (6 years ago)

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Sun, Feb 27th at 11:01pm (6 years ago)

It’s not like you’ve said something very impressive --more like you’ve tinted a attractive picture over an subject that you know not anything about! Thanks

Thu, Jun 16th at 10:46am (6 years ago)

I click download link but it does not work. Can you follow this problem? I am waiting you response. Thanks

Thu, Aug 18th at 11:06am (6 years ago)

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Mon, Aug 29th at 11:51am (6 years ago)
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Fri, Dec 2nd at 11:14pm (6 years ago)
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Fri, Jan 6th at 05:20am (6 years ago)
Clonerr says:

Looks comletely different on my comp (much bigger with bigger spacing), on 1366x768 resolution, any advice?

Thu, Jul 5th at 01:46pm (5 years ago)

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Created by looklookis
on June 19th, 2010


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