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Rainmeter Skins / Persona 4 HUD Rainmeter Skin

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Persona 4 HUD Skin for Rocketdock


Pretty much what it says on the tin. A few people have requested this be made from various places, so what the hell, I've given it a shot.
Someone's probably beaten me to it already, but eh, this should give a bit of variety.

Install to the regular skins directory in your My Documents folder, and you should be good to go from there.
Make sure, and this is essential - that you STILL HAVE ENIGMA installed. I didn't want to redistribute the .dll with my skin as it didn't feel "right". You probably will still have it, as it comes with Rocketdock itself.

Weather icon is heavy WIP: For obvious reasons, I can't test it with different weather layouts, as it fetches your actual weather from Yahoo. Strong suspicion that the "Sunny" logo will be misaligned.

Make sure to leave feedback and tell me if things are broken so I can fix them. It SHOULD work fine, but if not, tell me what's up and I'll fix it, or suggest something else for me to do.

And anyone who has the ACTUAL Persona 4 font, it'd be veeeery appriciated if you could give me a headsup, would make the skin look leagues better than just using Arial.

Mentions go to both

anelectricmind's anelectricQlock
Kaelri's Enigma

For some of the code snippets which I modified.
-Updated to fix weather among other things.
To change the weather location, look in the file, it should be commented.

-Updated a load of graphics, added correct winter icon from P4G

Licensing: the artist has specified that ports and mods are allowed.

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[p]The store offer [/p]
[p]Welcome to the store and maybe you will like it !![/p]

Fri, Apr 23rd at 01:59am (7 years ago)
Hangedman says:

Weather is broken.
It originally worked, and then broke when I changed the weather code to the one for my city, and now it never shows anything.

Apparently, the Rainmeter Weather API has changed somehow, but I can't figure out how to fix this.

Sun, Apr 25th at 08:10pm (7 years ago)
Kimaera says:

The weather is borked for me too. Please fix if you can! I love this skin.

Thu, Jun 17th at 01:51am (7 years ago)

Thanks for the credit.

Happy to see my code being used some way or an other.

(maybe i should start working on this again)

Thu, Jul 22nd at 01:46pm (7 years ago)


1. Make sure you have the default Enigma skin installed. Open Enigma's Configuration.ini and set up the WeatherCode and World3WeatherCode variables with your Yahoo! Weather location code as instructed. Set, save, and close.

2. Open Persona4's main.ini and look for this line near the bottom under [Variables] - @include=#SKINSPATH#Enigma\Resources\Var
iables\DefaultVariables.inc - change it to UserVariables.inc. Save, close, and refresh the skin. Your proper weather should now be displayed.

Other notes: Midnight.png is missing. So is the line of code to call that image during the appropriate hour. To make it say Early Morning instead of staying blank between midnight and 1am, search for [measureHourAdjusted] and add this below the Formula -- [measureHour_Zero]
IfEqualValue = 0
IfEqualAction=!Execute [!RainmeterShowMeter EarlyMorning] [!RainmeterHideMeter Midnight] [!RainmeterHideMeter Morning] [!RainmeterHideMeter Afternoon] [!RainmeterHideMeter Evening] [!RainmeterHideMeter Night]

Fri, Oct 15th at 01:21am (7 years ago)

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