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Artist's Note

A weather skin using weather.com's feed. The "Today" forecast automatically switches to the "Tonight" forecast after 3pm.

Licensing: the artist has specified that ports and mods are allowed.

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Comments (27)

cookie92 says:

WOW ... O.o very nice!!
looks realy pretty....
nice Work...
got just one Question: is it also possible to get Europe Temperatures ???

Sat, Mar 27th at 03:08pm (7 years ago)
shivaism says:


Yes, it is possible. Go to weather.com and search for your city. On the page that shows up, in the URL will be an 8-character code after "/today/" (e.g., NLXX0002 for Amsterdam) that you need to put into the ini as the Location variable.

Sun, Mar 28th at 10:48am (7 years ago)
cookie92 says:

=) thx made it to Austrian Tempretures xD
fits perfect to my Wallpaper :)

Mon, Mar 29th at 02:37am (7 years ago)
jesh4622 says:

It's a non-ugly weather skin that actually works! Best thing eva.

Mon, Apr 26th at 11:57pm (7 years ago)

Awesome, its clean, and best of all, it works!
Now I'm just gonna modify it to match my desktop :P

Wed, May 5th at 05:04pm (7 years ago)
alstudtk says:

i love this skin! but the degree symbol is broken and shows "? instead.. could you help me?

Sun, May 23rd at 03:15pm (7 years ago)

looks great, but how exactly do i change the ini file to get correct weather? i live in cleveland, ohio.

Sun, Jun 6th at 12:37pm (7 years ago)

haha oops, i didnt see the directions in the ini. i got it to work, and i love it!

Sun, Jun 6th at 12:55pm (7 years ago)
lcsno1 says:

i love this skin! but the same problem..the degree symbol is broken and shows "? instead.Could you help me?

Sun, Jun 20th at 12:44pm (7 years ago)

thank you very much for this skin!
i added 3 more days forecast to it and have a 5 day forecast now! awesome code and skin!

Sun, Jun 20th at 05:17pm (7 years ago)
GoSkers13 says:

I must be an idiot for not being able to figure this out... I have changed the URL time and time again and it simply goes blank on that day... Is this not the way to do it? Please help. I'm trying to change it to Lincoln, NE..

Tue, Oct 12th at 01:25pm (7 years ago)

i love it and it looks great! its just i dont want it to be displayed in Celsius. How can i change it to Fahrenheit?

Sun, Feb 27th at 03:41pm (6 years ago)

@GoSkers13...just put in your five digit zip code in the location area under [variables]:
changing the Metric entry from m to f will make it fahrenheit.
....good luck.

Sat, Mar 19th at 02:38pm (6 years ago)
EmLeingod says:

this skin doesn't do well with triple digits stuff overlaps and isn't spaced out far enough. I tried looking around in the code but didn't really find anything, anyone know of any fixes?

Wed, Aug 3rd at 04:45pm (6 years ago)

Beautiful, I love it

Sat, Feb 11th at 04:16pm (5 years ago)
phash69 says:

I'm having problems getting this working. I am in the US. My variable looks like:
Font=Century Gothic
FontColor=255, 255, 255, 255
FontInactive=255, 255, 255, 200

Any help?

Mon, Aug 27th at 06:03pm (5 years ago)
chaaizith says:

Not showing up.. is it WIndows XP compatible?

Mon, Apr 8th at 01:18pm (4 years ago)
jmo2610 says:

This is a great looking skin! Is it possible to amend the .ini to show the low temperature in the forecast as well?

Wed, May 29th at 04:35pm (4 years ago)

@jmo2610 yes, its possible, but quite tricky. i JUST finished doing it and it took me about an hour and a half to get it to look alright.

Thu, Oct 24th at 11:49am (4 years ago)
jam boy says:

My Today forecast works fine until 3pm. Then the space goes blank. There is no tonight forecast, Is it missing from the RSS feed now? Can anyone help me fix this issue?

Thu, Oct 31st at 10:52pm (4 years ago)

Having the same issue as @Jam boy. The today is not switching to tonight and can not figure out how to fix it.

Fri, Nov 1st at 12:27am (4 years ago)

@jam boy and @Clrondefiler if you guys are still still looking, just change the highlighted stuff

Wed, Dec 18th at 10:30pm (4 years ago)
jam boy says:

@shdwmagiks What does that even mean? "highlighted stuff"? Can anyone provide us with actual usable help instead of vague generalizations?

Tue, Jan 21st at 08:08am (3 years ago)
jam boy says:

Shivaism updated skin here. Dowload the .zip...

Thu, Jan 23rd at 06:58am (3 years ago)

hmm.. sorry, it seemed to have removed the link
pastebin. com / qE3tEmwT
(remove spaces)

although if i could get an updated version that would be great!

Sun, Jan 26th at 07:12pm (3 years ago)

weather.com changed their xml file slightly, I fixed mine by going into the ini and under [MeasureWeatherTemp1] I changed

and "Tonight" started working properly.

Tue, Mar 4th at 09:08pm (3 years ago)
jam boy says:

Not working properly again in regards to "tonight"

Can someone with a DeviantArt account go to that page and paste a request for them to update it?

Remove spaces...

shivaism. deviantart. com/art/Large-Clean-Weather-158023423

Sat, Mar 8th at 06:40am (3 years ago)

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Created by shivaism
on March 21st, 2010


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