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Rainmeter Skins / Quote Reader

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Artist's Note

This reader grabs a random quote/saying from my server and displays it.


Place extracted folder directly into:

Windows 7/Vista

Copy and replace all.

If you like this accessory, please send me quote suggestions and/or fixes to incorrect quotes you've seen. Ensure to include the "QUOTE #" in the PM.

I currently have ~1664 quotes on file.


Clock (Top-Right):
LEXIS by Kenz0

Final Destination - By GeorgeHarrison

Licensing: the artist has specified that ports and mods are allowed.

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Comments (27)

ethan7974 says:

What Rainmeter clock are you using?


Tue, Mar 9th at 03:39pm (7 years ago)
depodra says:

LEXIS by Kenz0

Wed, Mar 10th at 12:46am (7 years ago)
ethan7974 says:


Wed, Mar 10th at 01:34am (7 years ago)

Where did u get the wallpaper?...TY

Mon, Mar 15th at 05:24pm (7 years ago)

ya man )))

wllpz plz ?

Tue, Mar 16th at 02:22am (7 years ago)
depodra says:

Final Destination - By GeorgeHarrison

Tue, Mar 16th at 08:56am (7 years ago)
depodra says:

All quotes have been exported from the txt file to a database now, and a lot have been updated. You will no longer receive ":" as the quote's author.

Fri, Mar 19th at 05:20am (7 years ago)

for some reason my font is blue..how can i make it white?

awesome skin btw

Sat, Apr 24th at 09:53pm (7 years ago)
depodra says:

Navigate to "<skins path>\Enigma\Resources\Variables\" in explorer and open "UserVariables.inc" with notepad.

Find the following lines:

Color1= [ This is the author text's colour info; ]
Color2= [ This is the date's/quote's colour info; and ]
Color3= [ This is the quote number's colour info. ]

These define the colour of the text elements of the quote reader. For more information on defining the colours, I'd recommend checking out the rainmeter forums.

Hope that helps,

Thu, Apr 29th at 05:35pm (7 years ago)
bbailey90 says:

hey this is a great config, i really love the quotes but is there any way you can change the speed as to how often the quotes change? if so, can you show me how? i'm also wandering how long can you have your quotes up to and what values do i have to input for that length of period of time? thanks in advance!

Tue, May 4th at 02:57am (7 years ago)
depodra says:

Thanks mate.

Located in "C:\Users\[username]\Documents\Rainmeter
\Skins\Enigma\Sidebar\QuoteRead\" (for Win7) should be "Quote.ini". Open it, and find the following:

MiddleMouseDownAction=!RainmeterRefresh #CURRENTCONFIG#

Change the "Update=15000" to how may milliseconds you'd like the quotes to stay up for.

For example, 10 seconds, would be 10000 (ten thousand), 30 seconds would therefore be 30000 (thirty thousand).

Quote sizes are essentially limited to simply your screen size.

To increase the size of Rainmeter's textbox for the quote script, find the same file as before and the following text (bottom of file):


Change "W=660" and "H=300". For a wider box, increase "W", for a higher box, increase "H".

Hope that helps.

Thu, May 6th at 06:02am (7 years ago)

when i downloaded this, i activated it. but it wont show the quotes. it just says "Quote #" please help.

Tue, Jun 22nd at 07:20am (7 years ago)
depodra says:

It seems it may not be compatible with the latest Rainmeter... Working on a fix.

Wed, Jun 23rd at 03:10am (7 years ago)
depodra says:

shokohizaine, and anybody else having troubles, please re-download the file and try again. It should work now, sorry for the delay.

Fri, Jul 9th at 04:17am (7 years ago)
McNeato says:

I'm not sure if this is just me but I'm still getting just "Quote #"

I also have the latest Rainmeter

Mon, Jul 12th at 11:07pm (7 years ago)
depodra says:

Are you sure you've installed it properly? Also make sure your background colour isn't white, as that's the author and the main quote text.

Tue, Jul 13th at 02:22am (7 years ago)

I have the latest Rainmeter version, and sometimes the skin works fine, showing all of the info. But most of the time, it just shows Quote #". I did change the font, but it worked after that. I also changed the Rainmeter update length thing.

Is the skin not compatible with the latest version, or did I do something wrong?

Sat, Apr 9th at 01:20pm (6 years ago)
SignoVir says:

@depodra The problem seems to be your web host. I occasionally get the message:

Service Temporarily Unavailable

The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

Apache/1.3.33 Server at Port 80

Tue, May 3rd at 05:34pm (6 years ago)
liqilu says:

Looks nice

Sat, May 28th at 07:13am (6 years ago)

Would it be possible to use your .ini (with your permission, of course) on my blog? I have absolutely no idea how to go about doing it either. Please help.

Mon, Jul 11th at 11:38am (6 years ago)
yuuli0209 says:

I like this one!!:)
But one question, how can I change its position?
I want it to show on the bottom of my screen. TKS!

Sun, Sep 11th at 02:44pm (6 years ago)

Hi. I change the the settings for the time delay but the quotes dont show up...

MiddleMouseDownAction=!RainmeterRefresh #CURRENTCONFIG#

I'd like a quote a day if possible. possible?

Wed, Dec 28th at 05:28am (6 years ago)
Teiji says:

What rainmeter are you using for these: monthly calendar, todo list, now playing, and "OS Drive & The Vault"?

Thu, Jan 19th at 02:02pm (6 years ago)
zhariex says:

i want your theme.. can u give me the download link?

Mon, Jul 16th at 09:08am (5 years ago)

love the idea and got it looking great on my desktop

but is there a way for us to edit or add quotes? i'm a history/philosophy and film buff and I'm sure the sports nuts are feeling left out.

It's a great idea, but honestly the quotes are fairly poor (urban legend and misappropriated quotes abound). Is there a way we can make some changes or add quotes ourselves?

Fri, Apr 26th at 11:42pm (4 years ago)
depodra says:

Unfortunately my host has finally brought this script to an end.

129759 - GET

I was contacted at 5am by my host telling me I'm in violation of my hosting. I've uploaded the script and made it public via

I will post a MySQL DB export of the quotes when my hosting account is reinstated.

Mon, Feb 17th at 03:38pm (3 years ago)

What is the name of the weather widget you're using? I've searched customize & deviant art and can't seem to find it. - Thanks!

Mon, Nov 14th at 12:48am (1 year ago)

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