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This skin is tabbed skin (hidden when you not use it) and hover skin (move your mouse at this skin then the content will appear)


7eleven content:

Shortcut of many program to application used frequently
Desktop, Internet (browser), Media (multimedia), Design (design 2d and 3d), Office (ms office), Tools (antivirus and some tweaking programs)

~Now Playing~
Read winamp-aimp and read iTunes

RSS (newsfeed), Notes, Weather

Read your HD, RAM, and CPU usage
Read your HD and CPU temperature
Read your OS, battery condition, uptime, and etc

~Time and Date~


Don't forget to read "readme.txt" :)
Send me a feedback if there is an error or some problem
Change some program path in the code, don't forget about that :D


:) no need to click to show, just move your mouse :)

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Comments (17)

Merx says:


Thu, Feb 18th at 08:22am (7 years ago)

everything works

Sat, Feb 20th at 11:15pm (7 years ago)
artist X says:

Cool, but I don't have rainmeter anymore.
Where did you get those icons?

Tue, Feb 23rd at 04:19pm (7 years ago)
febianto says:

at deviantart.com, then i photoshoped them

Tue, Feb 23rd at 07:32pm (7 years ago)
tewrqazbn says:

i got a problem.

it says " section [style] is not a meter or a measure "

what should i do ?

Wed, Feb 24th at 01:29pm (7 years ago)
tewrqazbn says:

i upgraded rainmeter to the latest version

and the skin works


Wed, Feb 24th at 01:42pm (7 years ago)
candelina says:

looks really good!

Thu, Feb 25th at 02:41pm (7 years ago)
febianto says:

thx to everyone who had download this skin, that encourages me to create another skin (in glass mode also)

Fri, Feb 26th at 10:47pm (7 years ago)
Collapse says:

nice ;)

Wed, Mar 3rd at 05:15am (7 years ago)
hivorfeed says:

Thx.I love it

Wed, Apr 7th at 11:43pm (7 years ago)
CFPOET says:

I've seen alot of great stuff, but YOU made me become a memeber JUST to leave you this note. Fanstatic work! Clean Smooth. All for someones elses desktop.!

Tue, Apr 20th at 03:24pm (7 years ago)
febianto says:

thank you very much for all of appreciation you gave to me....

Sat, Apr 24th at 09:37am (7 years ago)
J3astard says:

How can you add those shorcuts ? Can you say detail?

Mon, Jun 28th at 02:26pm (7 years ago)
bugmenot2 says:

Anyway I can get more than one RSS feed ? I placed one link but I could use some more :) Dunno if its possible and if it is, where do I put all the links ?

Mon, Mar 7th at 11:25pm (6 years ago)
R_boy55 says:

this is over Top !!

Thu, Sep 1st at 04:21am (6 years ago)
raiky says:

indonesianya mana gan?

Tue, Jan 10th at 04:40pm (6 years ago)
DdlR17 says:

Great job !! Thanks allot

Tue, Mar 26th at 02:08pm (4 years ago)

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Created by febianto
on February 13th, 2010


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