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Rainmeter Skins / Implosion

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Artist's Note

You can edit UserVariables.inc to change drive letters.

Partly inspired by JSMeter by jsmorley . Some JSMeter code used and modified for my needs.

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Licensing: the artist has specified that ports and mods are allowed.

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Comments (13)

Nefastos says:

That is really nice work. Unfortunately I have no need for most of the meters you have in the pack, but the execution is just top-notch.

Mon, Feb 8th at 04:13pm (7 years ago)
DesignX says:

Really slick and modern! Keep it up i would love to see more like this

Mon, Feb 8th at 11:47pm (7 years ago)
gordan says:

Thanks guys.

Tue, Feb 9th at 08:22pm (7 years ago)
Warmonger says:

Very nice style. Although I would appreciate a battery skin, which would be pretty useful for us laptop users out there.

Fri, Feb 12th at 03:19am (7 years ago)
gordan says:

I don't own laptop and I could not test it, but the big circle in “cpu and ram” should measure battery. You can try it out and tell me if it works :)

Fri, Feb 12th at 12:47pm (7 years ago)
red71189 says:

How exactly do you change the colour?

Wed, Feb 17th at 01:07am (7 years ago)
Warmonger says:

@gordan: I checked it out, but I don't seem to notice where the battery meter is. I'm guessing it's the percentage surrounded by a white circle on the right side of CPU and RAM meter, however, it's not displaying my battery right, it says 45% but Windows actually reads my battery at 100%.

I would appreciate it if you would fix that, oh, and tell us how to change the color as well, bright green can hurt people's eyes.

Thu, Feb 18th at 06:53am (7 years ago)

Hey, nice skin u got here. Could u help us all out by telling us how to get rid of the greenness, oh and my copy doesn't want to read the .inc file for drives - any suggestions. Thanks =).

Thu, Feb 18th at 01:53pm (7 years ago)
gordan says:

You can change colors of text and lines by editing UserVariables.inc with RGB values you want. There are also few .png images you can edit in photoshop, gimp or whatever.

I'm sorry to hear that, I just can't test that because I don't have laptop.

@kriogen777 and @Warmonger
There is nothing green in this skin, maybe you have older version of rainmeter.
Download Rainmeter 1.1 here

Sorry, my English is quite bad :)

Thu, Feb 18th at 05:38pm (7 years ago)

I have the latest rainmeter. I think my copy just won't read the inc file, because if i edit each individual skin file they work perfectly, colors and all. Could this be a Win7 thing maybe?
If not i'll just fix each one.
Great concept though.

Thu, Feb 18th at 10:43pm (7 years ago)
Warmonger says:

@gordan: I got it, updated to 1.1, fixed the colors, and now realized that the circular bar beneath the CPU's circular bar is the battery meter. It works nonetheless.

Again, nice work.

Tue, Feb 23rd at 05:54am (7 years ago)

editing lyrics Removable drive?

Wed, Sep 22nd at 12:24pm (7 years ago)
LegoHP says:

How do you add drivers to implosion/drive E/big ?

Sat, Nov 22nd at 10:50am (3 years ago)

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Created by gordan
on February 8th, 2010


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