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- aplication (desktop, game, office, browser, Music)

- monitoring (monitor your HD, CPU, and RAM usage)

- music (read aimp and winamp)

- notes (remembering you...)

all of this skin is tabbed skin (hidden, when you need it, click it then the skin will appear)

to show use left click at "apli" , "moni" , "music" , "notes"

to hide, use the right click at the same place

to edit your notes, left click at the "o" from the "notes" word

Comments (7)

morrad says:

very clean. I like it

Sun, Feb 7th at 08:39pm (7 years ago)
yuwenm16 says:

beautiful desk, i like it if more information skin

Sun, Jun 6th at 09:26am (7 years ago)
Puffin617 says:

Amazing freshness :-)
Where would I be able to get the wallpaper, please?

Wed, Jun 16th at 11:44am (7 years ago)
liqilu says:

the wallpaper looks nice. i like it.

Sat, May 28th at 07:15am (6 years ago)

Is there anyway to make the music player read itunes?

Thu, Nov 10th at 02:25am (6 years ago)

Can i get the wallpaper? I't looks nice

Sat, Dec 31st at 12:38am (6 years ago)
Manglenn says:

very pretty and sweet. thanks.

Tue, Dec 31st at 04:23am (4 years ago)

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Created by febianto
on February 6th, 2010


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