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Artist's Note

Dropbars is a simple, minimalist Rainmeter skin. It was designed with the goal of providing the right amount of information needed in a convenient, elegant, and attractive manner. Though I originally built if for personal use, it makes sense to publish, since I feel that Dropbars is a skin that will be appreciated by many.

This skin displays information about CPU and RAM usage, temperatures (with speedfan), available drive space, and network activity. Top header is the computer name. This is a modular skin, so you can add or remove fields as needed.

What makes Dropbars unique is its use of an understated pastel palette on a dark, semitransparent background. Rather than the normal monochrome, colored indicators allow quick corner-of-the-eye checks. Easy access to information was a core design goal. Additionally, the main indicator bars move downwards (lending the skin its name). Though it may seem strange, I find it easier to quickly parse descending bar graphs when the skin is at the common location in the top-right of the screen.

Feel free to modify Dropbars to fit you needs. Also, please comment so I can continue to improve!

Licensing: the artist has specified that ports and mods are allowed.


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Created by Zeroignite
on January 29th, 2010


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