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Rainmeter Skins / Blue Dream

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Artist's Note


It was my first thème, i've modified

For this one, i use:

Hudvision 2.2:
- clock vision
- calendar vision
- date vision
- CPU temprature
- HDD3
- Info system
- Network download
- Network upload
- RSS reader
- Weather accu

Purple haze by R3ginald:
- picture frame ( you can choose Slideshow or one
Wallpapersforall icons:
CD Art display - ThaPorthole:
Wallpaper inside ZIP

Inspired by the work of Toxilium

Hope you like, and to be continued...............

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Comments (24)

zwylde says:

The file that's available for download, what is it exactly?

Sun, Dec 13th at 02:28pm (8 years ago)
zhblqy says:

thax nice job

Sat, Dec 19th at 08:04am (8 years ago)
sunpiety says:

Why i can't load the skin on my rainmeter :(
it's very beautiful ~~i like it very much.

Tue, Dec 29th at 08:20am (8 years ago)
gamblebr says:

where can I find the location codes of the climate, the site already listed in the txt. it is not enabled.


Sun, Jan 17th at 11:16pm (8 years ago)

Hey man, how do you get the custom taskbar? It's not on the list with the other apps.

Fri, Apr 9th at 01:50pm (7 years ago)
Pavlov says:

Superbe, merci.
Dommage la météo ne fonctionne pas chez moi.

Sun, Jun 13th at 10:34am (7 years ago)
doodoob says:

Where am i supposed to put this to load it on Rainmeter? Doesn't seem to work

Fri, Jul 9th at 12:35pm (7 years ago)
malonso says:

hi, i have been trying to set up the weather but i cant get it done ><.

can someone please help me out with this, if posible post a copy of the code how would it looks for <west new york, nj 07093, usa >

so far this is my favorite set.

thx for for any incoming answer ^^

Tue, Aug 10th at 11:02pm (7 years ago)

Great job!! I downloaded this. The features I have tried works and it look fantastic. I think it is missing the winamp skin. is that what the HDD3 and the HDD3.line are? Sorry, I'm very new to this. Maybe I've overlooked something? But I want the player skin; I like the way it looks sunk in. Please help

Sun, Apr 10th at 03:22pm (6 years ago)
liamf91 says:

awesome skins, and awesome background. how can i change the time and date from czech back to english... czech seems to be the default.


Wed, May 18th at 03:00pm (6 years ago)
reaper911 says:

How to drag some pictures onto Picture Frame ? I'm newbie :( I don't know how to edit it

Sat, Jun 11th at 11:55am (6 years ago)
Katze says:

How can the CPU Temprature work with CoreTemp please!

Fri, Jun 24th at 03:10pm (6 years ago)

I can't get the picture frame to work for some reason. I type the location of the photo I want, but nothing show up when I refresh skin.

Thu, Jul 21st at 12:09pm (6 years ago)

weather module I can not run, im from El salvador

Sat, Jun 16th at 01:51am (5 years ago)
cwj157 says:

where do i get the taskbar and the music? also how do i get the weather to work?

Fri, May 3rd at 11:11am (4 years ago)
Sumatra12 says:

I downloaded it! And then I put the pic as my background! Now, what do we do? I have no idea, please help me, I'm a newbie!!!

Mon, May 6th at 04:44am (4 years ago)
muhinboss says:

PLZ can someone tell me how to use this in Rainmeter??? i don't know how it use

Tue, May 7th at 07:37am (4 years ago)

LOL program....
fuack u.....

Mon, Jun 10th at 01:25am (4 years ago)

never post ur idiot program again ass-hole....!!!!!!!!!!!!
mother fuack-er.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mon, Jun 10th at 01:26am (4 years ago)

it's dosn't work b!tcH.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
u are !d!ot programer......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mon, Jun 10th at 01:29am (4 years ago)

Those who cannot instal this skin:

1- Exit Rainmeter.
2- Extract the "Blue Dream" folder into Documents\Rainmeter\Skins folder
3- Set RainThemes.bmp image in Blue Dream as your desktop background.
4- Re-run rainmeter and customize your skin.

That's all. Have fun.

Fri, Jul 26th at 09:00pm (4 years ago)
arnabkon says:

Thank you, nice skin

Sat, May 3rd at 12:10am (3 years ago)
NancyS says:

Very beautiful, I love the colors, excellent job.

Sun, Apr 26th at 07:29am (2 years ago)
Darv says:

I love that music player. I don't find it in the package. May I ask what it is?


Sat, Sep 26th at 05:37pm (2 years ago)

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