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Rainmeter Skins / WunderWeather - Weather from Weather Underground

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Artist's Note

Update: For some reason Chrome is blocking the download as "malicious". There's nothing in the package but icons and text, you can open it with 7zip or WinRAR to see for yourself. To resume the download, go to the downloads page (ctrl-J) in Chrome and bypass the blocker.

Gives you your local weather based off your IP address, as provided by Weather Underground API. I made this because it seemed like there weren't really any skins for showing Wunderground weather. Hopefully you enjoy!

You need to sign up for a free Weather Underground API key and add it to the settings for this to work.

There are variables you can customize for celsius/fahrenheit and also to select a specific zip code rather than auto detect your location.

The icons are property of Weather Underground, I just modified them to look a little better.

Version 2.0 - 3/29/2016 - Added a "Last Updated" box so you can tell if your weather is up to date!

Licensing: the artist has specified that ports and mods are allowed.



Great skin, thanks!

Here's another tip: You can lock it to a specific weather station instead of using a zip code. Simply find the PWS ID and enter that in place of the zip code in the configuration.

For example, instead of:

Zip = 10023

You can use:

Zip = pws:KNYNEWYO460

You can also replace the zip code with an airport ID:

Zip = JFK

Tue, Aug 30th at 04:46am (1 year ago)

Hmm, it appears that it's not automatically updating for some reason. I even tried tinkering with the Update and UpdateRate variables in an attempt to force it to update every 5 minutes for testing, but it just sits there doing nothing.

Well, assuming that the "Last Updated" in the display accurately represents an auto-update vs a manual refresh?

Tue, Aug 30th at 01:02pm (1 year ago)

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Created by ttpmurphy
on February 28th, 2016


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