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Rainmeter Skins / Dragon Ball Theme

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Artist's Note

After much searching, I was unable to find a Dragon Ball theme Rainmeter skin that I found to my liking. So, I created one. This is a compilation of other people's creations, and parts made from scratch.

The Dragon Balls are actually originally from a Rocket Dock creation. I no longer can find the original, but if you know it please inform me so I can give the person proper credit. The Dragon Balls were then modified to better fit the theme. Each Dragon Ball can move on their own so you can arrange them however you want. There is a six star Firefox ball, which is the one I use, and a regular six star ball.

The Dragon Radar actually is terrible at finding Dragon Balls, but amazing at telling time. The original file is from unraze here: unraze.deviantart.com/art/Drag… and has been modified slightly for this theme.

The calendar is another user created skin. The original file is from selenevane here: and I believe this link also includes a Spanish version.

The Media player was originally from SierraDesign here: sierradesign.deviantart.com/ar…, which in itself is a modification of the media player here 365psd.com/day/4-148/. SierraDesign's link comes in multiple colors. This pack includes only a modified orange option. I also added a button (the music note) that launches a select media player. Also Piccolo was added to judge you and the weird things you listen to.

Finally, the Nimbus Cloud weather. The "LOCATION"of course, would be your actually location and it would actually match the rest of the font on the cloud. You may need to edit it if the name of your location is long as the picture of the weather may overlap it if it is.

Also, you may need to download the SaiyanSans font, if you don't have it for some reason already. You can just Google it, download it, and install it. I do know know if you need this or not to get it to look like mine. If you don't care what font you have then you will probably have to edit the file to change the font to one you do want.

The last important notice is that if you have problems installing, or implementing this file due to the file I've provided, let me know and I will re-upload it. If you have any other problems I probably cannot help you, as this was made with a friends help who knows much more about coding and computers than me.


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Created by youngkai
on September 30th, 2015


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