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Artist's Note

Sephira(1.4) Addon_V1.1 by Sephirotess:

Sephira(1.4) Addon_V1.1: 11 new skins and some updates. I added a "selection effect". This one

works when you move the mouse over the first panel. You can change the appearance (30) of the

selection effect via "Visualeffects" in the config panel.

Sephira(1.4) is necessary. If you possess an older version (or none), please search for Sephira

(1.4) in my gallery.

Section "Divers":

- Calendar3: calendar with notes for each day of the month and events. Left click over the

numbers (or days) in order to see yours notes in the note's panel. Close a note in order to

update. Colors for week day. Left click on the orb hide panel of the events. Right click shows

panel. User can easily add new events in the "txt" files. Just click on the events panels. A

"txt" file will open up. Read on the "txt" how to add events on the calendar. Left click on the

date, in order to update events. Differents colors for saturday & sunday. Double indicators for

current day (color & square). Week number, number of day of the year... Use the arrow in order to

see preview or next months. Calendar without days of preview and next months. New font for

adifferent appearance,

- Calendar4 (not in the preview): simple calendar with notes, new font, days of preview/next

months, but without events,

- Date: first panel shows current date (weekday, month, day and year). Second panel shows time,

- Folder3: shows number of files and size of some user's folders (movies, musics, pictures,

documents and downloads). Left click open folder. New icons for better appearance,

- Slideshow(V2): with some functions. When the mouse is placed on the picture, the slideshow

indicates the path & the name of the file. The top left button opens the folder of the pictures.

The button below permits to stop and to restart the slideshow. The button to the top right has

for function to offer a preview. The last one set current picture as wallpaper. Nice transition

effect between pictures and without first panel (takes less space),

- Weather: advanced weather panel, with temperature and condition of the current day. Shows too

minimal/maximal temperatures and conditions of the next 2 days.

Section "HDD":

- Recycle Bin(V2): new version with a small bar (takes less space). The skin shows the number of

present files and their size. It also shows the rate of replenishment of the trash. It is

displayed via percentage & bar. When the number of files reached the limit fixed (250), a sound

is played and the display of the rate becomes slightly bigger. Use the wheel of the mouse (scroll

up), in order to change recycle bin appearance (12).

Section "Sound":

- Player(V3): new version of the player, with "cover". First panel indicates the name of the

artist, the title of the song, title of the album and year (information are hidden/show by

transition). The second panel shows buttons (play/pause, stop, preview, next, volume up and

volume down), cover and progress bar. This one has two functions: to modify the position of the

track (left click jump to 10 % forward, right click jump to 10% backward) and to open the player

(double left click).

Section "System":

- Memory(V3): shows RAM & SWAP total size. Shows too used size (GO, percentage and histograms).

Not in preview.

- Memory(V4): shows RAM & SWAP total size. Shows too used size (GO, percentage and bars).

- SpeedFan: skin based on the use of the software SpeedFan. This tool is required to be able to

use the skin. It shows the temperature of the CPU, the GPU, the main hard drive and the

motherboard. Click on the little orb in order to change the values associated with SpeedFan.

The addon will be placed directly in the original folder. It will replace some files. You will

have to enter again your settings (colors, language, letters of HDDS, slideshow...) if you did

some modifications.


Licensing: the artist has specified that ports and mods are allowed.



Information. I do not manage to publish new skin on the site. A new system was put in place to verify that the user is not a bot. The problem is that the system works for me a 1 time on 10. Each test takes me the equivalent of 10 Mo. Why, I do not know. I do not have an unlimited connection. So i can not afford to lose as many MB each time for nothing. I tried to send a mail to "" but the server refused it. Therefore, I will not try to post new skin on the site. If you want to see my creations go on deviantart. My pseudo is the same. Sorry.

Thu, Sep 24th at 12:48am (2 years ago)

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Created by Sephirotess
on September 20th, 2015


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