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Rainmeter Skins / Sephi's Suite Update

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Artist's Note

Sephi's Suite Update by Sephirotess:


It's just a little update with new skins & 4 new wallpapers.

- Update:

- Linecalendar2: problem with the indicator of the day. Fixed.

- Linecalendar: when the user pointed his mouse in order to see the next month, an erroneous message appeared: "Right click change indicator's events color". There is no event with line calendar. Text fixed.

- New skins:

- HDD panel (with vertical bars), for 4 drives. Show use/free space of HDDs & others options.

- System panel (with horizontal bars), for 2 drives, CPU, Ram & swap. Show use/free of 2 HDDs/Ram/Swap. Show CPU usage/Idle.

- System panel (with vertical bars), for 1 drive, CPU, Ram & swap. Show use/free of drive/Ram/Swap & CPU usage.

- Little time & date panel. Show time & date.

- Skins for taskbar or bottombar:

- 2 versions for HDD up to 5 drives (total, free, usage, open drive).

- Ram information (total, free, usage).

- Swap information (total, free, usage).

- Little volume control (volume up/down & mute).

The update doesn't erase any file. The installation is made in another folder. The new skins uses some resources of "Sephi's Suite" (measures, pictures, styles, your settings...). Therefore you have need of the suite, to be able to use them.

Licensing: the artist has specified that ports and mods are allowed.


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Created by Sephirotess
on May 31st, 2015


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