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Artist's Note

SephiLite Suite by Sephirotess:

This is a lite version of “Sephi's Suite”, without themes or effects. If you already possess the first version, you don't need to download this one. There is just few update and correction of a line calendar.

Why this new version? For people who dislike themes ^_^. You can put skins on bars, to the right, left, up & down.

Suite with 2 languages: French & English.

Customizable suite: you can change color, font, update divider, wallpaper (19 into this suite)…

I will not have place to describe the entire suite. For more information, see the "ReadMe.rtf" file in this suite & description of the skins ^_^.

Quick description:

- Bookmark: simple bookmark (3 variants),
- Calendar: simple calendar with events, notes for each day of the month & others features (3 variants),
- Clock: little clock panel with date (3 variants),
- Notes: note panel with 3 different notes (4 variants),
- Slideshow: option to stop/restart slideshow, set wallpaper & others features (3 variants),
- Weather: simple panel for current day,
- Gmail: Gmail for 1 or 3 account (2 variants),
- And many more…

- HDD: free/used space, name of disk, total space, read/write, up to 5 single disks (5 variants),
- HDD monitor: show read/write activities (3 variants),
- HDD panel: show 2 disks or 4 disks in a time (3 variants),
- Recycle: show size, number of files & others features (8 variants).

- Audio analyser: little graphs (2 variants),
- Player: show artist, song name, album, controls… for many players (6 variants),
- Volume: show volume level, audio device & others features (3 variants).

- Battery: show battery level & others features
- CPU: for 1, 2, 4, 8 cores, with Coretemp. Show usage, temperature, speed, CPU name, graphs… (6 variants depend of number of cores),
- GPU: show usage, temperature, GPU/Mem/Fan speed, with MSIAfterBurner (5 variants),
- Memory: show Ram/Swap free/usage & total (9 variants),
- Net: show upload/download, IP, DNS, WIFI… (3 variants),
- Processes: CPU, Memory with TopProcess or AdvancedCPU (5 variants for CPU & 2 for Memory),
- And many more…

- Some bars for upper screen, bottom screen, right & left,
- Line: put a nice line in the taskbar,

- Docks: for taskbar or bottombar (2 variants),
- Mini Calendar: line calendar with day of the year, week number… (4 variants),
- Mini Time: show time & date (2 variants),
- Mini Date: (3 variants),
- Mini Uptime: (3 variants),
- Mini Notes,
- And many more…

- Mini HDD: up to 5 single disks (5 variants),
- Mini Recycle,
- Mini Monitor: cumulative read/write for disk (up to 5).

- Mini Ip,
- Mini Download,
- Mini Upload,
- Mini Wifi,
- Mini Mail: Gmail for 1 account,
- And many more…

- Mini Player: one for Winamp & the other for player of your choice,
- Mini Volume: simple controls in order to up or down volume level.

- Mini Battery: show battery level (2 variants),
- Mini CPU: up to 4 cores. Show/hide details (2 variants),
- Mini Memory: show/hide details (3 variants),
- Mini Swap: show/hide details (3 variants),
- And many more…

I hope you'll like this version. Thanks a lot and sorry for my bad English.

Licensing: the artist has specified that ports and mods are allowed.



New version here:

Mon, Jun 15th at 12:12am (2 years ago)

Arf, the link doesn't appear. Well oki, search for the new version: SephiLite Suite (VR1.2).

Mon, Jun 15th at 12:16am (2 years ago)

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Created by Sephirotess
on May 29th, 2015


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