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Rainmeter Skins / The Arc Menu Launcher Suite

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Artist's Note

Introducing The Arc Menu Launcher Suite. An all in one menu launcher for your desktop.

The menu bar contains 6 customizable menus
Right click on any menu to open the respective folder path
Each menu option displays the menu items to the right. Click on the icon of the item to launch the respective item

You may have up to 12 quick launch icons. Hover over the icon for application name
Right click on any Quick launch icon to open the Quick Launch folder

Scroll up/down to scroll through the items
Scroll left/right to scroll a page at a time
Change scroll speed from single to page
Click on any item's icon to launch it
Click on folders to see their contents
Right click on any item's icon to see their context menu

Opens your windows start menu
Acts like your windows start menu
Click on the "..." button to go up a folder level
Right on start button to open a new search window
Click on the sort icon to cycle sorting menu items by Name, Date, Size, and Type
Use the ascend and descend buttons to change sort order

A round VU meter around the entire skin that can be turned on or off using the EQ button in the music control bar
Now with VisBubble visualizer fully integrated into skin | Thanks to undefinist for letting me use his awesome skin!

The inner most ring of The Arc gives you quick access to 6 useful apps:
Album Art: Displays art and track info for current track | Displays last album released with release date and link to buy on iTunes | Left click to open player | Full screen mode
Artist Info: Displays the biography of the current artist with iTunes link | Shows 5 similar artists with links to iTunes | Change from bio to similar artists and toggle full size image using the circles
Reddit Slideshow: Randomly cycles through 24 images from your favorite subreddit | Right click to cycle image | Left click to view full size | Change subreddit on mouse over or through settings menu
Weather: Displays today/tomorrow/day after weather forecast with details | Toggle background image of current condition | Click on city name to launch your weather.com local forecast
Reddit Reader: Displays 6 articles and images from 4 of your favorite subreddits
Clock: Shows current date and time in 12H or 24H | Shows sunrise and sunset times for today | Shows the quote of the day from brainyquote.com | Toggle background image of reddit slideshow

The bottom center ring contains basic music controls (Prev | Play/Pause | Next) that work with most music players
Use the EQ button to turn on/off the VisBubble audio visualizer
Use the EX button to change the entire background of the Arc to the current album art (Works best with Arc Menu color set to black) screenshot
(Full Screen icon now located on album art app on mouse over)

Customizable RAM/CPU indicator bar

Customize everything using the Settings Menu
The Settings Button is located at the top of the app changer
Hover over each option to see the default value

The Arc Menu is completely customizable through the Settings Button located at the top of the app changer circle.

Note The default folder locations for your Bookmarks, QuickLaunch and Controls shortcuts are "Rainmeter\Skins\ArcMenu\Folders\". This can be changed in the Settings Menu.
Note You can now customize the color of every individual part of the skin through the new COLORIZE menu option
Note In order for this skin's apps to display properly using Rainmeter's image mask feature, you need Windows 7 or higher. Win 7 users may also need this windows platform update

If you have any questions or comments please don't hesitate to post!


Visbubble Visualizer skin created by undefinist
Album art and music controls re-purposed from rabra's CoveR
Clock app re-purposed from twistlemon's Elegant Clock
Weather app re-purposedfrom evertonstz's July Flat'ish
RSS app re-purposed from InteractEight's FLaTT's *FINAL*
The RAM/CPU bar was inspired by Jkon00's "Pog Pack"
Wallpapers shown in preview: Jarvis Logon | Deep Sea | Cosmos | Simple Retro | Mountains
Scroll Wheel Icons: Bookmarks | Downloads | Games | Applications | Documents | Controls

----------------------------------- CHANGE LOG -----------------------------------------

Added: Colorize options for every single section of skin
Added: Colorize menu options in settings menu
Added: Chameleon color option for Visbubble
Added: Chameleon color option for entire menu background
Added: Mouse over enlarge effect on scroll items
Added: Expand on indicating border
Added: Outline option back to menu
Fixed: EQ becoming invisible when in Expand mode
Fixed: Minor update rate issues
Fixed: Sizing issues with Quicklaunch icons
Fixed: Sizing issues with start button
Fixed: Sizing issues with scroll icons
Fixed: Dummy icons for Asc/Desc buttons
Fixed: Minor size issue with Expand background
Changed: Play/Pause icon

Added: Full compatibility with Spotify throughout entire Suite
Added: VisBubble Audio Level skin now replaces the old EQ bars
Added: Full customization menu for VisBubble in Settings menu
Added: Right click on Slideshow App roman numerals "III" to open image folder
Fixed: Cleaned up AlbumArt Expand mode lines
Fixed: Scaling issues with Clock app
Fixed: Version check parsing issue
Fixed: Time format dummy image size
Fixed: Issues changing Sort button opacity on hover
Fixed: Reddit RSS parsing errors returning \u codes
Fixed: ToolTip Defaults showing old version defaults in Settings menu
Changed: Inner Ring app roman numerals now fit better
Changed: Settings menu minor visual changes

--------------------------------- Full change log in skin folder --------------------------



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...well this is very frustrating. Not able to post links anywhere on this site I guess. Well you can find my deviant art page link through my profile. Thanks!

Thu, Feb 26th at 01:09am (2 years ago)

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