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Rainmeter Skins / Common Randoms

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Artist's Note

Mixed and matched some popular skins.

The dock in middle is Rocketdock and is not apart of skin.

Licensing: the artist has specified that ports and mods are allowed.

Comments (6)

Royal3ok says:


Fri, Oct 3rd at 09:56pm (3 years ago)

Thanks for this collection, I took it and updated it for my personal needs, see more

Wed, Dec 10th at 09:24pm (3 years ago)
xam234239 says:

Looks pretty awesome! Just one question:
1. how do you remove the standart windows taskbar?

Thu, Jan 22nd at 05:20pm (2 years ago)

how do i get this skin or down load it ??????

Tue, May 3rd at 06:32pm (1 year ago)
ScottK says:

HUGE problems with PROCESS.INI - all of the items appear on one single line, overwriting each other. Somehow, you missed X & Y coordinates for each of the entries, and I don't know where to add these values.

Tue, Dec 27th at 03:35am (1 year ago)
ScottK says:

Ok, my last post with the examples of errors from the layout file must have caused the site to freak out, so I'll simply state that there are 3 lines in PROCESS.INI that appear to be 3 includes pointing to files I can not locate. Oh, well.

Tue, Dec 27th at 04:13am (1 year ago)

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Created by TheDevil
on September 25th, 2014


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