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Rainmeter Skins / Guild Wars 2 World vs World Map Overlay

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Artist's Note

A WvW map in Rainmeter that can be used as a transparent overlay or blown up for a secondary display.


• Scale from postage stamp size to 4K
• Display any one or all maps
• Minimize to scoreboard
• Righteous Indignation and siege decay timers
• RI tracked regardless of displayed map
• Tooltips with guild names
• Update every 5 seconds
• Pause updates after 30 minutes idle
• Autoset self to topmost when GW2 is running
• High-res maps and objective icons


• GW2's display resolution must be set to "Windowed Fullscreen" or "Window".

• Scroll to zoom.
• Click scores for map select menu.
• Double-click scores to toggle minimize.
• Click objectives to copy waypoints/points of interest and RI times.
• Middle-click objectives to set siege decay timers.
• Access world select in right-click menu.
• After weekly WvW reset, right-click menu ➨ "Refresh skin" to retrieve the new match up.


- Fixed to accommodate changes in API formatting.

- Fixed map selection menu behavior on toggling minimize.

- Fixed and future proofed API parsing.

- Copy objective waypoint only if owned, otherwise copy PoI.

- Added RI timer copy to clipboard.
- Optimized scaling performance.

- Refocus GW2 on interaction.

- Fixed ownership errors while bloodlust unclaimed.

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Created by killall-q
on August 22nd, 2014


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