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Artist's Note

An arc clock designed to be naturally readable to the minute while maintaining a minimum quantity of elements. Two ways to read the current 5-minute interval are demonstrated.

Left-click to toggle digital time / date / blank and day of the week / month / blank.
Middle-click to toggle color / alternate color.
Use the settings pop-up below the digital display to set color / alternate color and toggle shadow.

Included font is Sinner by Helge Barske; it will not be installed to the system.

Check out PolarCPU and PolarDisk for matching system meters.

Philippe Starck has nothing on this.


- Removed right-click functionality to enable right-click menu.

- Removed delay correction due to changes in Rainmeter 2.3.
- Optimizations due to loss of need for parallelism.
- Requires Rainmeter 2.3.3 or above.

- Added config pop-up to customize colors, hidden until moused over.
- Requires Rainmeter 1.4 or above.

- Packed in .rmskin - one click installation.
- Persistent settings - remembered through reboots.
- Blank digital display toggle merged.
- Consolidated from 12 .ini files to 4.
- Whole area of skin is draggable.
- Maths have delightful commentary.
- Looks exactly the same as before.
- Requires Rainmeter 1.3 or above.

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MetaHD says:

How do I get all the skins in your screenshot to show?

Tue, Jul 22nd at 06:41am (3 years ago)
MetaHD says:

Nevermind, I figured it out, nice job.

Tue, Jul 22nd at 06:44am (3 years ago)

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Created by killall-q
on July 7th, 2014


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