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Artist's Note

Companion CPU activity meters to PolarPrecise and PolarDisk.

• Soothing ripples.
• All dimensions changeable through a simple interface.
• Can be shifted partly off-screen in any direction by adjusting the radius of its bounding box.
• Well-optimized for animating at 10-20 frames per second.
• Low activity is dampened to not be annoying.

Mouseover reveals interaction handle.
Left-click to cycle meter style.
Middle-click to toggle color / alternate color.
Access settings from right-click menu - mouse away to hide.

Credit for the beautiful clouds goes to Bahman Farzad.


- Removed right-click functionality to enable right-click menu.
- Added context menu to access settings.
- Removed sigmoid activity scaling.

- Set FocusDismiss=0 to resolve crashes of newer versions of Rainmeter.

- Delay mechanism updated for changes in Rainmeter 2.3.
- Added mouseover handle for easier dragging / access to config.
- Prevent user from losing access to config when entering very small values.
- Requires Rainmeter 2.4 or above.

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Created by killall-q
on July 7th, 2014


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