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Artist's Note

Updated Sep 9, 2014

Use 3rd party plugin (Top Processes) if install fails, close Rainmeter before installing the suite of skins...

:: 3 clock sizes
:: Up to 8 core graphs (access to task manager)
:: Up to 24 HDD monitors and access(SpeedFan needed)
:: Google Mail count & access
:: Yahoo Mail count & access via FeedFlip *
:: Google or Yahoo Mail option as RSS format in Readers via FeedFlip **
:: Multi-Search (13 search engines + Run...)
:: Multi-Launchers based on JSMorley LaunchORama (2)
:: UniNews v1.4 News Reader by Moshi (Tall or small versions)
:: 5 Editable Note pages (Tall or small versions)
:: Ram graph | Swap graph | Ram+Swap graph
:: 5-Day weather for up to 5 locations
:: Wallpaper gallery and setter
:: NIC In-Out graph
:: WiFi In-Out graph
:: 3 editable terminal windows (small|medium|large)
:: Threat & Security indicators (based on CPU use)
:: Username (Click to open configure skin)
:: Date
:: Uptime
:: PC Name
:: CPU Speed
:: NowPlaying media (supports most players)
:: Animated 'Faux' terminal | CPU level Umbrella | Animated T-Virus vial
:: T-Virus info window
:: Corporation Access agreement window (in terminals)
:: Hide-able media control
:: Artist & Title display (Web SearchI)
:: Multiple freely placeable graphics to personalize your display
:: Shad-able graphs
:: Modified graphics from Umbrella Wallpaper by nitingarg
:: BluVision Digital Clock by g3xter

* To use Yahoo Mail. YOU must set up a link at by allowing sharing
It is secure! BUT... The link utilizes your email USERNAME and PASSWORD so KEEP IT PRIVATE!!!
When you generate the link use the ATOM option; otherwise there is no "fullcount" to read # emails
Copy that link and paste it in the ymail.ini file after URL=
Refresh the skin and you should see a count of your unread emails at Yahoo

** To use Yahoo Mail or Google Mail as an RSS feed in one of the news readers, you must set up a link
at by allowing sharing
It is secure! BUT... The link utilizes your email USERNAME and PASSWORD so KEEP IT PRIVATE!!!
When you generate the link use the RSS option; this will return RSS formatted emails
Copy that link and paste it in one of the news links in the main configuration
Refresh the news skin and you should see a list of your unread emails

Added Extended Weather skin w/full weather details (Click "Now" in the 5 day weather skin) for any of the 5 locations
Added new backgrounds for weather skins
Changed weather skins to utilize light/dark Terminal Themes
Added launch items for RM Forum link, !Manage RM, & !View RM Log

Added Large Camera; skin to display your images and apply to desktop
Added CPU monitor 'Fusion' skin (2 versions)

Added CD tray open utility
Added CD & World graphics to I-Radio
Modified I-Radio: Opens tray, read/play CDs, added Shoutcast stations (50+)
Modified power icons for darker graphics; Light/Dark theme response

Added Power Control Skin (5 options) Inspired by JS Morley's Shutdown skin (RM forum)
Added instructions on using I-Radio skin
Modified skin sizes to optimize placement

Coded I-Radio to use the built-in FileView plugin (NIRCMD removed). Add Stations from and save the file to "Umbrella\*Resources\Playlist\" folder and refresh the skin

Added I-Radio (40+ internet radio stations| easily editable)
Added sounds to several operations (Sounds can be turned on/off in Config skin | default=off)
Minor code corrections

Added trash bin skin (Open/Empty actions | 2 version)
Redesigned Feed skins to auto-position on refresh (will not be above windows on refresh)

V2.05.17.2014 Removed multifeed due to issues. Tall and small feeds are still available.


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Created by eclectic-tech
on June 6th, 2014


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