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Rainmeter Skins / Guild Wars 2 World Boss Timer Overlay

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Artist's Note

A Rainmeter skin styled to blend in with the game interface, transparent until moused over.

Why Rainmeter?

Rainmeter is a highly customizable widget platform that is extremely light on system resources. Rainmeter skins are easily modified scripts, and their .rmskin installers can be opened as zip archives, making them more trustworthy than executables.


• One-click waypoint link copy with boss name and countdown
• Countdown and local time
• Mini mode with next standard and hardcore bosses, with countdowns on mouseover
• Normal mode with current and next standard bosses, and next hardcore boss
• Long mode with infinite scrolling
• 4 size settings corresponding to GW2 interface sizes
• Mark events as done
• Automatically reset done status at daily reset
• Activate audio alerts for events


• GW2's display resolution must be set to "Windowed Fullscreen" or "Window".

• Left-click to copy waypoint link to clipboard.
• Middle-click to toggle event done status.
• Double-click to toggle audio alert for event.
• Use controls on bottom bar to change mode/size.


- Changed auto-topmost to detect GW2's 64-bit client.

- Changed font to match GW2's typography.

- Minor aesthetics: aligned T+ times with T- times.

- Refocus GW2 on interaction.

- Autoset self to topmost when GW2 is running.
- Removed topmost toggle button.

- Added a button to toggle topmost position.
- Fixed mini/normal mode displaying incorrect hardcore boss countdown just before daily reset.

- Updated boss rotation for June 17th patch.
- Mini mode now shows next standard and hardcore bosses.
- Normal mode now shows current and next standard bosses, and next hardcore boss.
- Long mode shows standard and hardcore bosses together, arranged by time.
- Long mode now scrolls 2 lines per step.
- Scrolling now supports arbitrary step sizes.

- No longer sets self to topmost on refresh.

- Fixed mini mode not showing next boss if switching from long mode after scrolling.

- Added date check to reset done status in cases that skin was not active at daily reset.
- Default position on refresh is now topmost instead of stay topmost.
- Fixed mini mode boss name not updating, broken in previous update.
- Fixed alert/done erasing that could corrupt storage of those values.

- Added a "+" next to T+ times.
- Normal mode now shows current and next 2 events.
- Fixed rare possible incorrect sign on copied countdowns.
- Fixed a Lua stack overflow.

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Created by killall-q
on May 27th, 2014


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