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Rainmeter Skins / World of Tanks 2.4.3

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Artist's Note

I have played World of Tanks since the Beta Test was released and most days I find a little time to climb into my Panzer and shoot up some hostiles. Also monitors both EU servers so you can avoid the slow one. This brings everything you need into one place.

In the minimised version clicking on the:

* WoT logo toggles your statistics.
* Tank Launches the game
* Weblink icon takes you to the the WoT website

On your Stats:

* The Logo takes you to the webpage your full stats are stored.

After installing and running the skin, navigate to "my documents/Rainmeter/Skins/WoT" and edit "Settings.inc". Scroll to the [Variables] section. Replace the WoTURL with your own one which can be found by visiting this page and entering your character name (note the .eu which you will need to change to .us as applicable) .

Adjust the GamePath to match yours and finally change the server to NA if you are not playing in Europe!

Requires Rainmeter -


2.4.3 - Fixed following release of WOT 9.0
2.4.2 - Fixed following release of WOT 8.11.
2.4.1 - Fixed following release of WOT 8.7.
2.4 - Revised graphics following my move to Windows 8 & the loss of Aero Blur :(
* Added a ping plot skin for EU servers.
* Fixed the skin again following a change to the WoT stats pages 27 May 13.
2.3.3 - Fix following changes from WOT 8.1
2.3.2 - Further changes to WOT Stats page required another small fix 19 Dec 11.
2.3.1 - Further changes to WOT Stats page required another small fix 7 Dec 11.
2.3 - Change skin to support new WoT portal & HTML (Which broke previous version)
2.2 - Fixed issue with border of stats box, updated meta data to support Rainmeter Manager, added manual refresh button to stats.
2.1 Sees the statistics skin run separately allowing you to to position it wherever you chose. All settings moved to settings.inc

Licensing: the artist has specified that ports and mods are allowed.


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Created by Seahorse
on March 30th, 2014


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