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Artist's Note

This skin is a Rainmeter implementation of classic 9x9 sudoku game. It has three difficulty levels and keeps track of the best and average time for each level.
You can find the rules of the game here:
• New - you can start a new game anytime, but in this case you will lose the previous grid.
• Open - you can open the last saved game.
• Restart - you can start once again the current game, from the beginning.
• Save - for save the current game.
• Solve - the grid can be solved and in this case the game will show you the incorrect numbers in the grid.
• You can change the difficulty level with the two buttons on two sides of the difficulty level string.
Near the close button:
• Mute/Unmute – you can disable or enable the sound playing.
• Help – to see a little help.
• Statistics – see the number of games played, the best and the average time for each difficulty level.
For insert a number, you must click to the field and then click to the proper number. You also can mark any filed with a right click.
The game has a clock to can measure the time. You can see this in the title of the skin. With a click onto it, the clock can be paused and it will restart when you insert the next number into the grid.
The game can be saved. Also, on close, if you’ve made any change, the skin will ask you if you want to save the game.
Click to the game’s icon, in the left side of the title to see a little menu, where you can: send the game back, bring it to front, set it normal or close it. With this, I wanted to imitate that little menu on the icon of any normal windows window.
The skin has 10 background images. Every new game will use a randomly selected background.
The solver script of this skin is a work of FlyingHyrax and originally it was released as an independent Rainmeter skin. I tried to adapt his script but had no success, so this part is his work. Thank him very much!


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Created by balala
on March 22nd, 2014


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