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Rainmeter Skins / Metropolis

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Artist's Note

Futuristic theme. It includes the wallpaper and the font. There is an "Instructions.txt" text to help with the settings of the Start Button, Font installation and wallpaper.

Licensing: the artist has specified that ports and mods are allowed.

Comments (9)

sentertha says:

dude it says i need latest version of rainmeter but i have the latest version ??? help

Fri, Feb 14th at 06:01am (3 years ago)
Niorah says:

I made the skin using the 3.1 beta (r2255) version of Rainmeter, which you can find and download on their site: rainmeter.net
It's right on the homepage, it's called 3.1 Beta Release, now it's up to the r2269 but it will work without a doubt.

Fri, Feb 14th at 02:30pm (3 years ago)
Xevailo says:

Is there any way to have multiple instances of the CPU Monitor running at the same time, all displaying the load of a different core? If yes, how do I set this up?
Thanks in advance :)

Sun, Feb 16th at 07:42am (3 years ago)
Niorah says:

Hi, I have made an addition to this skin so you can see the activity of your dual core, I couldn't test it since I don't own a machine that runs on a dual core or multiple cores, so I hope it works. You can find it here:

After downloading it open the Rainmeter Manager, go to the Metropolis skin and unload the CPU meter there. Then go to the Metropolis Dual Core skin and load the Multicore file from there. You might have to drag it around a bit to position it exactly where you want, I didn't have the time to fine tune it! :)

Sun, Feb 16th at 11:48am (3 years ago)
Niorah says:

Forgot the link... :D

Sun, Feb 16th at 11:48am (3 years ago)
Niorah says:

Ok, doesn't want to post the link at all... you can find it under my name or if you search for the tag "metropolis", it's called Metropolis Dual Core. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Sun, Feb 16th at 11:50am (3 years ago)
Xevailo says:

Wow that was fast, thank you! °o°
But since I am using an octacore, I wanted to ask if you are okay if I modify the script you provided as I seem to get now how it works. -Of yourse I will provide the result to you when I am done, so you can publish or modify it :)

Oh, and before I forget:
1) is there any way to have another Circle for my GPU load (a Sapphire Radeon 7970 if that matters)?
2) The HDD Circles are much higher than actually displayed (that rectangle when you move it), how can I place them at the top of my screen?

Sun, Feb 16th at 01:19pm (3 years ago)
Niorah says:

Feel free to make any adjustments you need to make, it's all about the customisation after all, and I'm glad you like the skin so much. :)
I'll work quickly on the GPU and let you know when I am done.
If you need to move something that won't move and won't let you drag it, open its .ini file and find the "X=" and "Y=" values and change them as you see fit. They are literally the distance in pixels from the top left corner of the screen.

Sun, Feb 16th at 02:17pm (3 years ago)
eddi says:

....erm Wallpaper ? 0_o where ?

Wed, Apr 23rd at 12:34pm (3 years ago)

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Created by Niorah
on February 13th, 2014


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