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Artist's Note

Frozen precipitation physics simulator.

Marvel as it seemingly simulates the Coriolis effect, convection currents, and turbulent flow dynamics, and pulls real-time wind speed data from Winnipeg, Canada; then look at the source code and marvel again as you realize it doesn't do any of those things! Thanks to smurfier for helping achieve the absurd performance it has.

• Magically low CPU utilization.
• Runs at 40 frames per second.
• Flake appearance, amount of flakes, terminal velocity, and wind force can be configured in [Variables].
• Activate drag handle in context menu to move to another monitor.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Aren't there programs out there written in native code that do the same thing, only faster and while using less resources?
A: Yes, but Rainmeter.
Q: How is that a valid rea...


- Optimized images with PNGGauntlet.

- Fixed spawn gaps at top and bottom of screen.

- Changed to bitmap graphics for nicer snowflakes and slightly less CPU usage.
- Increased particle count from 86 to 256 with no perceivable impact on performance; maximum possible unknown.
- No longer sets self to topmost on load.

Comments (10)

Mandak says:

This is nice. Just need make that snowing only on desktop, not snowing on file, folder, browser etc.


Sun, Dec 8th at 04:52am (4 months ago)
killall-q says:

Mandak, just remove [!ZPos 2] from OnRefreshAction and change its position as desired.

Sun, Dec 8th at 11:04am (4 months ago)
Mandak says:

how change?

Sun, Dec 8th at 12:29pm (4 months ago)
killall-q says:

Right-click on the Rainmeter tray icon and go to Snow > Edit skin. Change position in Snow > Settings > Position.

Sun, Dec 8th at 03:49pm (4 months ago)
Mandak says:

This works. Thanks.

Mon, Dec 9th at 07:34am (4 months ago)

awesome! killall-q, can u make another weather skin? such as rainy, sunny, cloudy or fog... :)

Tue, Dec 17th at 04:39am (3 months ago)
killall-q says:

I'm working on rain :)

Mon, Dec 30th at 08:49am (3 months ago)

Great! :D Hope u finish it soon :)

Thu, Feb 13th at 01:57am (2 months ago)
killall-q says:

I've posted Rain and Matrix Code betas at

Mon, Feb 17th at 01:22pm (1 month ago)
killall-q says:

(err... links are deleted)

On the Rainmeter forum.


Mon, Feb 17th at 01:24pm (1 month ago)

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Created by killall-q
on December 7th, 2013


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