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Artist's Note

Check out my blog at timwantsajob.info/wordpress

*UPDATE* V1.2 ********************************************************
As per the suggestion of user Feyyore, I have uploaded an update to this package that includes 4 new skins, an all green animating circle, an all red one, and all blue one, and an all yellow one. I, surprisingly, hadn't considered doing this, despite it's simplicity, but as soon as Feyyore suggested it, I saw how good of an idea it was, and put it in! Thanks everyone. Enjoy! The link to download the background is 8tr.s3.amazonaws.com/i/000/155/087/techno-5189.jpg

*UPDATE* V1.1 ********************************************************
Well, I've already had to upload an update. It's alright, though. The wifi skin did not measure 100% connectivity properly. At 100%, it acts if you have very low connection by only showing the first bar with full opacity. I've uploaded a change to the script to make it work properly. It's a really jank fix, and may have some problems itself, lol. But, if that's the case just let me know! If you have trouble loading it, update to Rainmeter 3.0. Thanks everyone!
This is my first Rainmeter skin. I hope you enjoy it! I do believe a quick breakdown of what it contains is in order:

1. The 'C' folder contains the skin you see right about the text 'Up In Lights' in the preview image. I actually got the inspiration for this skin from the four bars you see when you turn on an Xbox or connect controllers to it. When you first load it, it actually does that animation the Xbox does when you connect a controller. It also opens to the C: folder in explorer when you click on it.

2. The set of circles in the middle is actually a clock. The inner ring of ticks is seconds, the middle ring is minutes, and the outer ring is hours.

3. The top right circle measures the temperature of your cores and actually requires CoreTemp to be running in the background to work properly. If your temp is below 39 Celsius, the bars are green. If it's between 40 and 50, the bars are yellow. If it's above 50, the bars are red. If you click on the middle, it brings up CoreTemp already minimized to run in the background. You can get CoreTemp here

4. The circle on the top left, measure CPU usage. Each bar represents a different core, and if their activity is below 20%, they look to be less opaque or even inactive, which is a neat effect. On update, their opacity changes to represent core usage. If they're all fully opaque, you better check how much CPU you're using, lol3

5. The bars in the middle of the clock are a separate skin that lights up differently based on your WiFi connectivity. If your Wifi connectivity is at 0%, all the bars are 'off'. If between 0% and 25%, the first bar is lit up. If 25% to 50%, the first and second bar are lit. If 50% to 75%, the first second and third bars are lit. If 75% or above, all the bars are lit!

6. The launchers surrounding the clock all have variants that are different colors (red, blue, yellow, and green).

The background included with the layout is artwork by the amazing Sam Spratt at samspratt.com/

The font used, Fairview Regular, is an original work of the amazin Riley Cran at rileycran.com/

As you can tell, I was really inspired by the way the glow looks against the dark background. It's pretty simplistic, but I am really proud of it. Please, give some positive feedback, and let me know if there are any problems. Thank you!

Comments (12)


nice skin but it wouldent load

Fri, Sep 6th at 02:07pm (4 years ago)

Hmm, that's strange. I've uploaded an updated version, but if it still isn't loading, you might want to update Rainmeter if you can. Because I've downloaded and opened mine on two different computers just fine, so maybe your Rainmeter isn't up to date. Just a thought. Let me know if you still can't get it working.

Fri, Sep 6th at 10:19pm (4 years ago)
chyanne says:

Nice colors! Loaded fine, thanks for the work.

Mon, Sep 16th at 06:45pm (4 years ago)

No problem! Thank you for the appreciation!

Tue, Sep 17th at 03:50pm (4 years ago)
Feyyore says:

Love it. ^^

Wish there were more of similar style and colours hehe.

Sat, Sep 21st at 01:30am (4 years ago)

Thanks! I'm glad you like it.

Sun, Sep 22nd at 01:24am (4 years ago)

Feyorre, I uploaded an update that has your idea in it! Hope you like it!

Sun, Sep 22nd at 02:23am (4 years ago)

Beautiful skin just a few questions: to customize it more I tried changing the icons but it just removes the item I have placed the icon in the image folder but it didn't work. how do i make the change or get more icons? Also when i download the skin only the circles show up is the image a background or part of the skin?

Sun, Sep 29th at 03:54pm (4 years ago)

I'm glad you like it! You should be able to change the launcher images by placing your image in launcherImages folder, which is in the Resources folder, and then changing the path to the image under the launcher section for the skin. I thought I had included the background as part of the skin, but maybe not, so here is the link to the background

Mon, Sep 30th at 10:29am (4 years ago)


Mon, Sep 30th at 10:33am (4 years ago)

Hey man, great work :). Anyway I just wanted to ask, can I somehow change the application or sites what does those launchers launch?

Thu, Jan 9th at 12:22am (4 years ago)
Feyyore says:

Looks good and works well. I am glad you liked the suggestion. ^^

Thu, Jul 31st at 09:39am (3 years ago)

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