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Rainmeter Skins / HAL 1.1

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Artist's Note

Version 1.1:

* Added another 15 samples and replaced a couple of lower quality ones with something better.
* Added alternate rectangular version of the skin.
* Updated code to reflect changes in Rainmeter since the skin was originally written.


Whilst tinkering with something else, it occurred to me that it should be possible to combine buttons and quotes and in Rainmeter. The result was the first of soundboard/button written using Rainmeter ;)

The HAL button sits quietly on you desktop watch until you click the button and HAL from 2001 then utters one of 30 quotes.

You need to have Rainmeter installed to use this.

Licensing: the artist has specified that ports and mods are allowed.


Seahorse says:

I use Firefox and would not touch IE with a barge-pole tbh ;)

Fri, Jun 7th at 10:24am (4 years ago)
balala says:

I used Torch, but when it ran, the computer couldn't enter to sleep. I have no such troubles with IE10. In my oppinion, it's still the best. And if the downloaded file has zip extension, you can rename it.

Sat, Jun 8th at 03:32pm (4 years ago)
balala says:

Well, in time I used every Explorer from IE6 and for me it still was the best. I tried a few others, but I had problems with all of them. Maybe in time it became familiary to me, but I'm satisfied with it. I know that very few people have this opinion, but for now, I use it with no problems.
In spite of this I had the same problem with the rmskin files, but only when I downloaded them from customize.org. When I download them from deviantart for example there are no problems. Strange!

Sun, Jun 9th at 03:31pm (4 years ago)

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Created by Seahorse
on June 7th, 2013


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