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Artist's Note

This skin can be used by people who have a networkly connected Lexmark laser printer. It can indicate this printer's tonners levels, and it's status (energy saving, busy, etc), with red and black foreground colors. Here black indicates energy saving mode, red indicates working and flashing red indicates busy. The first version (available here: ) had a bug, fixed in this version.
You must have installed the Lexmark Status Monitor Center. To set up the skin, run Lexmark Status Monitor Center. In Status Monitor Center window, click to the printer you'd like to monitor, then click to Run button. In the opened browser check the adress bar. It must contain something like this: http: //xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/ (without space!). Copy the IP adress (the xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx part of adress) and paste it in the Settings.inc file, in Variables section, after the PrinterAdress and refresh the skin. The RedValue in skin's file means that if a tonner's level (in percents) goes under this value, it's level indicator will start to flash, indicating that this tonner soon will emptie.
With this settings the skin works only if you have setted the printer's language to english or french. If not, you may look at your printer's display and see the displayed messages. Open the included Dictionary.inc file and locate the Message1 line. Change the english message to that provided by your printer in your language, WITHOUT SPACES (very important!). If you don't make this steps, the skin will not be able to indicate corectly the printer's status.
I tried out this skin with my Lexmark X543. I don't know if it works with also Lexmark printers, but I supose it do. Please let me know if it is or not.


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Created by balala
on February 23rd, 2013


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