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Rainmeter Skins / Nemesis LCARS v3.0

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Artist's Note

Rainmeter or higher required.

This skin was made for a monitor with 1440x900
1920x1080 and 1366x768 planned.

LCARS font included in skin root folder (%userprofile%\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\LCARS-Nemesis)

To change which music player the media player uses: Right-click LCARS Left and choose "Edit skin" and find the line Player=WMP and change it to

AIMP: PlayerName=AIMP
Fully supported. Tested with AIMP 2.61.

foobar2000: PlayerName=CAD
Fully supported. The foo_cad plugin (download) needs to be installed.

iTunes: PlayerName=iTunes
Fully supported. Tested with iTunes 10.2.

J. River Media Center and Media Jukebox: PlayerName=CAD
Fully supported through the CAD interface. The intcad plugin needs to be installed.

MediaMonkey: PlayerName=MediaMonkey
Fully supported. Tested with MediaMonkey 3.2.5.

MusicBee: PlayerName=CAD
Fully supported. MusicBee 1.2 (or higher) is required.

Winamp: PlayerName=Winamp
Fully supported.

VLC: PlayerName=CAD
Fully supported. The libcad plugin for VLC must be installed.

1) Combined config files so that fewer skins are running at once.
2) Buttons in LCARS Top skin blink.
3) Skin that monitors GPU using graphs.
4) Bottom six buttons in LCARS Left now open another group of buttons.
5) Skins that allow changing what buttons in new skins open.
6) Search bar in LCARS Top
7) Read Me file

Licensing: the artist has specified that ports and mods are allowed.

Comments (11)

Tedd-O says:

can u tell me how can i make the fonts size like urs, when i load the skin the fonts are out of graphics . lol


Mon, Jan 7th at 01:14pm (4 years ago)
orenen says:

If you don't have the lcars font installed, it will default to a different font. the lcars.ttf is in the skin folder. You may have to restart rainmeter for it to recognize the font

Wed, Jan 9th at 03:23am (4 years ago)

how do i get it to fit a 1366x768 sceen

Fri, Jan 18th at 12:08am (4 years ago)
Herby6262 says:

We definitely need to know how to adjust screen resolutioon for this. 1920 x 1080 would be amazing, you've packed so much awesome info onto the screen, this is amazing! But it doesn't fit quite right :( 1440 x 900 is not even an option in my resolution list. I am going to attempt to port this to that resolution on my own.

<a href=http://download.cnet.com/Free-Youtu
.html >youtube downloader[/a]

Sat, Jan 19th at 05:48pm (4 years ago)
xyzKlicky says:

Can you tell me, when will you release the theme with a screen resolution of 1366x768 pixels?

Fri, Jan 25th at 05:15pm (4 years ago)
Zeb1094 says:

So what version of windows does this support...when I try to load the rmskin file I get a Rainmeter error message -

Your version of Windows is not supported by they package. Contact the package author for more information.

it doesn't support Vista64?

Sun, Feb 10th at 01:16am (4 years ago)
iamwyza says:

Really want this in 1920x1080!

Tue, Feb 12th at 04:55pm (4 years ago)
Zeb1094 says:

So this still doesn't support Vista? WTF?

Thu, May 23rd at 03:40am (4 years ago)

Would you please be so kind as to add support for JetAudio Media Player

TIA and Namaste...


Sun, May 26th at 10:01am (4 years ago)

and one mroe thing please.. I have a 1600x900 main monitor.. if possible.. please include that resolution.

Sun, May 26th at 10:04am (4 years ago)
Rispetto says:

The problem with the file is the author did not make the individual resolution options get their values from global variables. Text size, for instance, is. So instead of going through each individual window's text size, I simply change two or three values and the entire text size fits my screen.

This is probably why he hasn't gotten around to changing the resolution.

If you want to modify it for yourself, it's quite simple really, just time consuming. He designed the program to fit a 1440 x 900 screen. You need to edit the file for each individual window (LCARS Left 1440x900.ini, etc) and change each h (height) and w (width) value to fit your computer screen.


Native: 1440x900

Modified: 1920x1080

1920 / 1440 = 1.33333

1080 / 900 = 1.2

For each H variable, modify the current value to v * 1.333 rounded up to the highest single digit (no decimal places).

In this instance (), the new value would be 114.

It will take you considerable time to modify each and every single .ini file, but it is worth it.

Enjoy your LCARs desktop.

Thu, Mar 6th at 02:44am (3 years ago)

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Created by orenen
on January 4th, 2013


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