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Rainmeter Skins / NERV UI 3.2.6

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Artist's Note

Verison 3.2.6
2017.03.01 Updated

Rainmeter 3.2.1 r2386 or above (get latest version of Rainmeter on rainmeter.net)
SpeedFan (to display CPU temperature)

Licensing: the artist has specified that ports and mods are allowed.

Comments (10)

hanoken says:

this looks really good, dl right away

Mon, Jan 21st at 06:30pm (4 years ago)
hanoken says:

Oh i have a problem, how do i get it to recognize Itunes instead? I just changed it, and it would recognize it for a sec before going back to WMP, any help would be appreciated :)

Wed, Jan 23rd at 03:54pm (4 years ago)
XANCI says:

Change your player settings in "CUSTOM FILE", not in Player.ini

Fri, Feb 1st at 08:59am (4 years ago)
Naroh311 says:

This looks great, but I've been trying to change the icons on the launcher but I've been unable to do so, any help?

Mon, Apr 29th at 10:07am (4 years ago)

very beautiful hahaha

Mon, May 27th at 10:18am (4 years ago)
Bryapibe says:

how do you customize weather display???

Sun, Mar 23rd at 11:18am (3 years ago)
Bryapibe says:

and CPU TEMP display???

Sun, Mar 23rd at 11:42am (3 years ago)
TimKD says:

I really like your skin. I just upgraded to Windows 10 so I'm still getting used to how that works and this looks really good with the windows 10.
I have a question tho. Is there a way for me to edit the skin a little bit? because right now everything is in chinese ofcourse and I don't speak chinese. I know what it says more or less but it would be nice to write it in english. Can I do this myself? or is it very hard...
-Tim :)

Wed, Aug 12th at 12:30pm (2 years ago)
Meldawn says:

To translate the text to english, search the NERV UI folder for "text:". You then need to search each file for the text: field. this will allow you to update the text fields. You will need to save the file and unload then load the module.

Thu, Nov 12th at 12:49pm (2 years ago)
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Created by XANCI
on December 17th, 2012


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