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Rainmeter Skins / I-Radio 2.2

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Artist's Note

Internet Radio Player for Rainmeter

New Features/Changes:
Simple Double-click on Station List to Update after changing playlist folder
Up to 99 playlists/files (WebParser Limit)
Improved Station directory parsing (no need to edit files)
Scrolling volume control (Removed volume buttons)
Expanded configuration for text
Added subtle sound effects on actions
Removed ugly LARGE Tooltips!

61 Stations~Mouse Wheel Scrolling~Auto-Interface Selection
Google Search~Supports Most Players~Playlist Visibility Toggle
Basic Configuration Editor~Instructions Included~M3U Playlist
Shoutcast Link~Plays All Associated Files and Playlists

Controls: Mute/Volume/Play-Pause/Previous/Next

This skin is based on the NowPlaying Plug-in by Poiru (Rainmeter Developer).
This skin uses new mouse wheel commands and you must have
Rainmeter Version 2.5.0 beta r1696 (Nov 18 2012) or higher.
Available at: <a href=http://rainmeter.net/cms/>

NowPlaying acts like a "remote control" for many player, IT IS NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR PLAYER, you will need to have the player installed in order for this skin to function.

NowPlaying supports most popular music players. As of 11/2012 it FULLY supports:
J. River Media
Windows Media Player

Some player need plug-in files and setting up to work correctly:
(files available at their websites, or ask at the Rainmeter Forum)
* foobar2000 Uses CAD... foo_cad plug-in needed
* J.River Uses CAD... intcad plug-in needed
* Jukebox Uses CAD... intcad plug-in needed
* MusicBee Uses CAD... version 1.2 or higher
* VLC Uses CAD... libcad plug-in needed

Most users have a favorite music player. If it is listed above, you should be able to fully interact with it using this skin once you MAKE SURE .M3U FILES ARE ASSOCIATED WITH YOUR PLAYER.

This skin can be used in the sidebar of the Enigma Suite by Kaelri.
It has a light or dark theme and will toggle with the sidebar.

NOTE: To change the interface used in this skin, scroll mouse wheel up or down over the NAME (at the bottom right); the skin will step through the list of fully supported players and set the correct interface for you. You do not need to set it in the configuration.

See instruction in @Resources folder to modify or add/remove playlist or songs.

Enjoy! Eclectic Tech :: eclectic-tech.deviantart.com

11-26-2012 Removed variable "PathToStations" (not used) No need to re-download; changing the option does nothing.
11-26-2012 Add semi-auto UPDATE PLAYLIST (see 'How to...') v2.1a

Licensing: the artist has specified that ports and mods are allowed.


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Created by eclectic-tech
on November 26th, 2012


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